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Introducing Hapana’s fitness challenge feature

Chelsea Erieau-Larkin
March 5, 2024

Challenges have taken the world by storm. In an attention economy, it's hard to keep eyes on the prize for an extended amount of time - and in the wake of our waning New Year resolutions, we've all been there. Life is busy, and having more obligations is challenging. 

At Hapana, we noticed this trend - and so did our clients. Four separate fitness studios asked us for a feature to make it easy to host fitness challenges for their members. 

So here's the innovation: we wanted to make it easier for fitness studios to offer challenges. We designed the challenge feature - a beautiful, clean, modern and intuitive app for your members to sign up to and track any challenge. 

The challenge app feature has been introduced into Hapana’s offering, and trialed with amazing results. 

What’s the benefit of the challenge feature for fitness studios and gyms?

There’s no other fitness studio management software on the market with the capability to run fitness challenges. This is completely unique. When our clients ask, we listen - and we stay on the front edge of innovation so they never have to worry about missing out on emerging revenue streams.

One client who has started using the challenge feature is charging $30 per challenge for each member. Consider this: 5,000 people, trying a new challenge, every month, for $30 per challenge. This isn’t just a novelty. This is a permanent, brand-new revenue stream. 

This allows fitness studios to capitalize on the growing popularity of fitness challenges without the need for significant investment in internal app development and ongoing maintenance. 

Why do members love fitness challenges?

People look to challenges to make fitness novel - and to feel proud of accomplishing something with clear parameters. 

Challenges are genuinely fun and have what fitness can sometimes lack: community. It's not just about getting fit; it's the thrill of the chase, the camaraderie, and a touch of friendly competition.

Fitness challenges have "the marathon effect" – a communal sprint toward personal milestones. Plus, they're short-term commitments. They're a win that can go on your shelf of accomplishments. For people with busy lives, that's much more desirable and easy than becoming someone who consistently goes to their local fitness studio for the rest of time immemorial. 

It's got easy billing. It's got metrics. It's got nice fonts (this is very important). It will make your members feel connected, help them have fun, smash their goals and keep them looped into the community.

Fitness challenges are becoming key to member engagement and retention. They’re also great for positive word of mouth, since they encourage members to invite friends. If you’re looking to heighten the experience for your members, this is one of the best new innovations to do it. Plus, you’ll be one of the first and only studios to offer this feature - there is no other studio software offering a fitness challenge app. 

The fitness challenge app features

Feature overview

Hapana's challenge feature app gives fitness brands the power to kick off challenges in two ways: with a set start date for groups, or a purchase-triggered start for individuals

It's all about customization – setting up workout goals with specifics like duration and metrics, and keeping members hooked with stage-based content and clickable banners. 

On the flip side, members get a neat dashboard showing their progress with excellent graphics and the chance to brag about their wins on social media, to help every workout feel like a shared victory.

Challenge configuration

The challenge app is highly configurable, offering tools for brands to create challenges with customizable goals, metrics, and start dates. Features include setting in-studio workout goals and daily objectives for users.

User engagement

The app makes interaction easy through a home screen widget for easy access to challenge details, allows goal adjustments before challenges start, and enables daily milestone achievements without manual entry.

Design & content

The app has deep-linked banners for targeted engagement and facilitates content distribution across challenge phases, ensuring a fresh experience for users weekly.

Progress tracking

Comprehensive dashboards make it easy for users to view progress with graphical metrics, integrates social sharing for achievements, and records attendance with visual insights.

How STRONG Pilates use the fitness challenge feature to boost member engagement

STRONG Pilates are one of the fitness studios integrating fitness challenges into their revenue streams. 

Michael Ramsey, Co-founder of STRONG Pilates, says:

“The challenge app is not just a feature; it's a powerful tool to engage our members, welcome newcomers, and ultimately convert them into loyal members of the STRONG Pilates family.”

"Hapana’s challenge capability is game changing for our business, and we are incredibly grateful to the Hapana team for delivering this innovative solution.”

"Challenges are essential for boutique and group fitness studios, fostering engagement and member retention," says Jarron Aizen, CEO & Founder of Hapana. 

"Existing software solutions haven't kept pace with evolving market dynamics, and Hapana is here to bridge that gap. We are proud to offer the best member app in the market, continuously innovating while other providers lag behind. Our strong partnership with STRONG Pilates exemplifies this commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.”

How Hapana’s challenge app can boost your fitness challenges 

Hapana’s challenge app is a significant leap forward for fitness studios looking to enrich their challenge offerings. This platform merges ease of use with a comprehensive suite of features, making the management of fitness challenges smoother and more engaging. It’s designed with both the studio and its members in mind, offering straightforward billing, insightful metrics, and an attractive design to enhance the user experience.

What sets the app apart is its uniqueness in the market. It’s a pioneering tool that opens up new revenue opportunities for fitness studios, potentially adding significant income with minimal effort. Our clients are already seeing the potential, viewing it as a strategic addition to their services.

By bringing the Hapana challenge feature into your studio, you’re not just keeping up with the trends; you’re setting them. 

The challenge feature can help retain members while attracting new ones who are looking for that extra something in their fitness routine. It contributes to a vibrant, thriving community, and places you far ahead of your competition - because this is the only innovation of it’s kind out there. 

Do you want to add a revenue stream, engage your members, and convert new members to the family?

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