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Branded gym app for businesses

Grow your gym with a branded app that stands out in terms of gym marketing. Design a consistent in-app experience for members to engage them meaningfully anytime, anywhere.

Custom branding

Make it yours from the app icon to the splash screen and your own app store listing. Wrap Hapana’s powerful features in your brand logo, colors and messaging for a consistent member experience.

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Unified across channels

Empower a unified member experience across your branded fitness app, website, social media and studio, so your brand is what they see from scrolling to sweating it out.

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Engagement and monetization

Go above and beyond with a branded app that offers always-on sales and support. Keep a salesperson and a trainer in the pocket of all your members with push notifications, targeted upsells, and gamified fitness challenges.

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Synced up for success.

Take in-app engagement further when your tech talks to theirs.



Support members’ fitness journeys by syncing workout data directly into your branded app.


Deep linking
from social

Stay connected on socials with member access to app promotions in a single click.

Being a fitness studio in the modern day is all about making it accessible and easy to navigate. What Hapana has done for us is make it as simple as the press of a button to book a class.

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Bella Wagschall,
General Manager

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