Pilates studio management software

Welcome to the future of studio management with our Pilates Studio Software. Designed specifically for Pilates, yoga, and barre studios, our software simplifies administrative tasks, letting you focus more on your passion: teaching and promoting physical wellness. This software isn't just about managing a studio — it's about redefining the Pilates experience for both studio owners and clients. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Hapana's software provides an all-in-one solution that caters to every aspect of running a successful Pilates studio. Whether it’s scheduling classes, tracking attendance, or managing payments, we’ve got you covered at Hapana.

Pilates Studio Software

Enhance your digital footprint

The digital transformation in the fitness industry has made online presence a necessity. With such a diverse range of class participants, from busy parents to full-time workers, beginners, or avid gym goers, not everyone has the time to attend classes in person. Cater to the needs of all your class participants by incorporating live online classes, allowing your studio to extend its reach beyond geographical boundaries. This feature enhances the studio's digital footprint and caters to the growing demand for virtual fitness solutions.

Energizing your fitness center’s vibrant community through live, on-demand classes accessible in-studio and online allows you to gain a much wider audience reach with every class and attract new demographics who prefer online fitness solutions. Boost member interaction and loyalty using Hapana’s software, providing your clientele unrestricted access to a wealth of wellness resources. This includes top-notch workout videos, informative fitness articles, and nutritious recipes at their fingertips. Our software streamlines administrative tasks and acts as a dynamic engagement platform, turning potential leads into dedicated members. Experience the transformation that high-quality, easily accessible digital content can bring to your fitness business with Hapana’s software solution.

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Optimize your member management process

Efficient member management is the backbone of any successful yoga or Pilates studio. Hapana’s software revolutionizes this process by offering a streamlined, user-friendly interface for studio owners and clients. From seamless online bookings to personalized client journeys, the software ensures that every interaction is smooth, professional, and tailored to individual needs.

Configure and control memberships per your requirements with our adaptable Pilates studio management software. Our solution simplifies vital processes like check-ins, bookings, and transactions, enabling you to devote more time to your studio and less time to administrative chores. This automation enhances your operational efficiency and improves the member experience, contributing to a thriving Pilates community in your studio. Experience the ease of a streamlined membership management process today with our specialized software solution.

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Effortlessly propel your business forward

In the competitive fitness world, data-driven decision-making is integral to the growth and success of your studio. Our management software provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that empower studio owners to make informed decisions to strengthen their business. These insights allow for strategic planning, from marketing initiatives to class scheduling, ensuring that every step taken is one towards growth and success.

Our software's custom business intelligence and in-depth reports are crafted to suit your specific needs. Our platform supports decision-making at all levels, whether operating a single studio or managing a multi-branch operation. Our software lets you gain a macro overview or delve into granular specifics as your business dictates.

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Scale up your business

Your Pilates studios must adapt to stay relevant in the constantly evolving fitness industry. Our software is scalable and adaptable, ensuring that your studio can easily integrate new features and functionalities as they emerge. This future-proofing aspect is crucial to help your studio on its journey to grow and evolve in a rapidly changing market.

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Hapana offers more than just a management tool — it's a strategic partner in your Pilates studio’s growth and success journey. By enhancing your digital presence with live online classes, optimizing the process of member management and propelling your business forward with data-driven strategies, we provide a comprehensive solution to meet the evolving needs of the modern fitness industry and allow your business to be a part of the change. Embrace the future with Hapana and take your studio to new heights.

The Hapana team assists us in onboarding of new locations, including full site configurations. We’re leveraging the daily data from locations at corporate level to build out insights that guide our business decisions.

Warren Ainsley, Systems & Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates studio software?

Pilates studio software is a specialized digital solution designed to manage all aspects of a Pilates studio. This includes scheduling classes, managing memberships, tracking attendance, processing payments, and even providing analytics to understand the business better. It is designed to help studio owners streamline their administrative tasks and focus more on delivering high-quality Pilates instruction to their clients.

How can Pilates studio software benefit my business?

There are several ways in which Pilates studio software can benefit your business. It can automate administrative tasks such as scheduling and billing, allowing you more time to focus on instruction and client interaction. It can also provide valuable insights into your business, such as peak attendance times and the most popular classes, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, this type of software can help enhance your client’s experience by offering online booking, membership management, and personalized communication.

Is Pilates studio software hard to implement and use?

Pilates studio software’s ease of implementation and usage largely depends on your chosen software. Most of these software solutions are designed to be user-friendly with intuitive interfaces. Many providers offer comprehensive training and customer support to ensure a smooth transition. However, asking for a demo or trial before making a purchase decision is always a good idea to ensure that the software meets your needs and is easy for you and your team to use.

Can Pilates studio software integrate with other tools I’m already using?

Most Pilates studio software solutions are designed to integrate with other common business tools. This can include email marketing software, payment processors, website builders, and social media platforms. However, the specific integrations available will vary depending on the software provider. During your research, inquire about this aspect to ensure the software will fit seamlessly into your current tech ecosystem.

Is it expensive to use Pilates studio software?

The cost of such software can vary greatly based on the specific software provider, the features it includes, and the size of your studio (number of clients or instructors, for instance). Some providers may charge a flat monthly or annual fee, while others may base their pricing on the number of active users or classes. Many providers offer a range of plans, so you can choose one that best fits your business size and budget. Be sure to ask about any potential additional costs, like setup or training fees, so you can accurately calculate the total cost of ownership.

What features does Pilates Studio Software typically include?

Our Pilates studio management software at Hapana includes various features to enhance studio management and client engagement. These include class scheduling and online booking, enabling clients to reserve spots in classes with ease. It also integrates client management tools, allowing for client progress and attendance tracking. Payment processing features handle transactions for classes and memberships. Staff management options include scheduling and payroll, comprehensive reporting and analytics for business insights. 

Marketing tools help promote your studio with a custom-branded mobile app that sells your comprehensive features in line with your studio branding. This software may also support online and virtual class options to cater to the growing demand for remote workout sessions.

Is the software suitable for both small and large Pilates studios?

Our Pilates studio management software is well suited to small and large Pilates studios. For small studios, it offers streamlined operations, reducing the administrative workload and allowing more focus on client engagement and class quality. Features like online booking, payment processing, and client management can significantly simplify day-to-day tasks.

For larger studios, the software's scalability, robust reporting and analytics, comprehensive staff management, and integrated marketing tools support the complexities of managing a larger client base and a more extensive schedule. The software can also handle multiple instructors, a variety of classes, and more complex financial transactions.

Is customer support available in case of issues or questions?

Yes. You can migrate your current system to Hapana’s software with the help of our expert customer support team, which has switched over 1,000 businesses with minimal downtime and ongoing support. Eliminate the need for multiple platforms and switch to a single software solution that provides your staff and clients with the ultimate modern fitness experience. 

Is the software user-friendly for both staff and clients?

Yes, Hapana's software fosters a user-friendly experience for staff and clients. It’s an intuitive interface for staff that simplifies scheduling, client management and reporting, making daily administrative tasks seamless. For clients, it provides an easy-to-navigate online booking system, allowing them to schedule classes, manage memberships and make payments effortlessly.

How secure is the data stored in Pilates studio software?

Our studio software is highly secure. As per our privacy policy, we only keep client’s personal information for as long as required. We take active measures to destroy or de-identify no longer required information.

The Pilates studio software to expand your brand

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Member administration

Lay the groundwork for dynamic member administration, including sales, booking, self-service, and safe payment options for members.

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Branded mobile application

With a branded mobile app, you can ensure that your members’ journeys are consistent with your brand identity.


Automated branding

Improve the front-desk experience by automating lead generating efforts across all media.


Digital content library

Streaming and on-demand content on a multichannel system is a great way to keep your customers happy and engaged.

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Analytical insights

With unified analytics and personalized reports on a single dash, you can make better, quicker choices.

Master the discipline of putting members first.

Get the inside scoop on how Hapana’s data analysis and visualization solutions aided KX Pilates in prioritizing the member experience across all of its locations.