Functional training studio management software

Our innovative health club software offers solutions that enhance the training experience and streamline operations for fitness centers. Hapana is the only end-to-end health club software engineered for engagement, efficiency and an out-of-the-box member experience.

Functional Training

Functional training studio software with on-demand content

Our health club software transcends traditional boundaries by providing an extensive library of on-demand content. This digital treasure trove includes various functional training programs tailored to meet members' needs at all fitness levels. 

Whether improving core strength, enhancing mobility, or boosting endurance, our on-demand content ensures that every member can achieve their fitness goals anytime, anywhere.

Keep members moving in the studio and online with exclusive live and on-demand virtual classes. Delight your members and connect your fitness community by integrating physical and digital through videos, podcasts, articles, and recipes.

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Health club software to streamline member management.

At Hapana, we understand the complexities involved in managing a health club. Our software is designed to simplify member management through an intuitive interface and powerful features. Tailor membership packages to suit your location, audience and leads. Cut down admin and spend more time in the studio with tools to simplify check-ins, bookings, and payments.

From seamless sign-ups and membership renewals to personalized training recommendations, we ensure that clubs can offer a personalized fitness journey to each member. This improves member satisfaction and increases retention rates, contributing to the club's success.

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Functional training studio software for making on-spot decisions

Our software is equipped with real-time analytics and reporting tools, enabling health clubs to make informed decisions on the spot. Make smarter decisions faster with custom detailed reporting and business intelligence. Get a big-picture overview or drill down to specifics - whether building one studio or managing multiple locations.

Whether optimizing class schedules based on attendance trends or allocating resources for maximum efficiency, our software provides the insights needed to elevate the member experience and operational performance.

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We’re running a franchise business for functional training and with Hapana our studio owners and managers feel like they’ve got all the support they need outside of Head Office.

Josh Mildren, COO

Frequently Asked Questions

The toolkit to grow your functional training studio.

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Member administration

Lay the groundwork for dynamic member administration, including sales, booking, self-service, and safe payment options for members.

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Branded mobile application

With a branded mobile app, you can ensure that your members’ journeys are consistent with your brand identity.


Automated branding

Improve the front-desk experience by automating lead generating efforts across all media.


Digital content library

Streaming and on-demand content on a multichannel system is a great way to keep your customers happy and engaged.

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Analytical insights

With unified analytics and personalized reports on a single dash, you can make better, quicker choices.

More time on the floor, less on the desk.

Hapana’s comprehensive solution goes beyond software — it’s about transforming the operational dynamics of health clubs. By automating administrative tasks, our platform allows trainers and staff to dedicate more time to what truly matters: guiding members through their fitness journey. This shift enhances the quality of service and fosters a stronger, more personal connection between trainers and members. And better yet, you can customize your own branded app to reflect your brand’s aesthetic. See how Reunion’s coaches and managers stay on top of operations to make every day easier with Hapana.