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Studio fitness apps: why your clients should receive push notifications

Corey Loehr
December 13, 2022
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Modern technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your fitness club members. With gyms and studios, where attendance is not always linear, customers may find it difficult to keep themselves up to date. By using an online personal training app for the members can easily connect themselves with the workout schedule and the training sessions.

Email marketing used to be the main way to keep your clients informed, but future personal training apps such as Hapana have made this job much faster and easier with direct push notifications on mobile devices.

Push notifications are used for a variety of online entertainment apps, but have rarely been used for gym studios until now. Here are some of the main reasons why your clients should receive push notifications straight from the club or studio.

1. Personal training app gets more attention

Email marketing is very common; you’ve probably been making full use of this type of marketing to keep your clients informed for years now. The problem is that the average person already gets countless emails a day from programs they have subscribed to. Every email you send will be fighting for attention and will often be overlooked, rendering it ineffective.

It’s a fact that around 65% of your emails are completely ignored; people no longer care as much about email. Unless they are waiting for a specific message, they may not even enter their email app at all during the day. As people expect to get specific messages, it would be more helpful for the users to use a personal training scheduling app.

When you go for push notifications using apps such as Hapana, your messages will not be so easily overlooked. While the majority of people now disable their email notifications, simply because there are too many of them, they tend to leave the notification channels open for niche apps, such as a gym to which they are subscribed. Mostly the trainers who train their customers can make use of the personal training tracker app.

2. It improves member attendance

We know what you are thinking: how could a push notification improve member attendance? By encouraging the members, of course! Many people join fitness studios simply because they want to meet certain body goals; they want to lose weight, build muscle or maintain a good health level.

With time, though, people may lose their motivation. Statistics show that the average person quits going to the gym after 3 months of attendance. This causes a low client flow, which can significantly affect your business.

By offering the option of push notifications received directly from the studio or club, you remind your clients what they signed up for. Each time they see such a notification, they can remember what they were supposed to do, subconsciously driving them back toward your studio.

Push notifications can also encourage members that have already become inactive. The members can easily engage themselves by using a personal training fitness app for training purposes instead of going to the studio physically. For example, you may have a previous client that did not get a chance to renew their membership. Perhaps they skipped a month or two due to traveling or lack of time. Very often, these clients will not delete your personal training software app immediately.

These notifications can remind the past members to give your studio or gym another try. It also removes the awkwardness that your staff may feel when making a phone call. With just the notification, your customers can get the “push” they need to get back on track.

3. It keeps members informed

Fitness studios will always have different classes and promotions going on. For instance, pilates studios may decide to hold a pop-themed class or a Zumba session. The higher the attendance for this class, the better the profit may be.

Sadly, not all members have a fixed schedule for coming to the studio or gym. Some will only come now and then, finding out about the event from a poster you stuck to the wall, meaning it might be too late for them to sign up.

Personal training client schedule app notifications can keep your customers informed in real-time. The moment you decide to launch that event, they will know about it. If you pair this with a self-booking feature, your client will not only be informed but also booked for your classes.

4. Personal training app is a great marketing opportunity

According to surveys, people check their phones about 96 times a day. This means that they are on their phone roughly once every 10 minutes. At this point, it’s instinct. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity. Digital marketing has become the main option for getting your brand out there. Mobile marketing and personal training fitness apps such as Hapana can be incredibly effective tools for bringing your content straight into the hands of your client. Each time they pull their phone out of their pocket, a push notification can remind them of your brand and what you may do for them

The bottom line

Push notifications represent one of the best ways to keep your fitness studio members informed of upcoming events and motivated to return time after time. White-label apps such as Hapana can help you get back in touch with your clients.

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