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Why your studio fitness app needs self-service account access

Corey Loehr
December 3, 2022
why your studio fitness app needs self service account access|why your studio fitness app needs self service account access

When it comes to studio fitness app, self-service has become very common nowadays, regardless of the type of business that you own. FAQ pages and knowledge bases are great for information, but clients want more; they want to access their account information and modify it without having to talk to a staff member first.

If you are the owner of a fitness studio, offering this type of access to your clients could make their experience better and your job much easier. By using white-label apps such as Hapana, you allow customers the freedom to control their membership. Here are the benefits of adding self-service to your fitness studio app for business.

1. Self-service is time-saving for your employees

Think about the instance that your employees had to chase down a member for their payments and spent valuable time searching for them and corresponding. An efficient fitness studio management app can solve such issue. Your members do come to the gym, but they make their own schedule, which can make it difficult to keep up with them. They could come around every day and work out for 20 minutes or can drop in every blue moon to work out for two hours.

Tailing them is not only awkward, but it also takes away precious time. When the client finally comes in, your staff may have more important things to do. They might be running the business, bringing in other customers, and overall helping your business grow. They shouldn’t have to drop this productive work for something as simple as an information update. The best fitness studio apps are flexible and smart enough to update the information for you.

With self-service options integrated within a studio fitness app for information and payment updates, you and your team can spend less time on wild goose chases and more time working on productive tasks that grow your business and improve its function.

2.   Independent clients are more comfortable using a studio fitness app

The days when customers would pick up their phone and contact a company’s staff are long gone. In fact, 81% of customers prefer self-service rather than having any contact with the staff. 

Unless it is an emergency, clients don’t feel comfortable talking over the phone. Studies show that 76% of millennials become very anxious at the prospect of calling and talking over the phone. Rather than picking up and dialing, they would prefer to cancel the subscription altogether.

Nowadays, when a customer has a problem, they try to look up the information through FAQs or knowledge base, or simply figure it out through the portal.

This is why you should add self-service features through white-label apps such as Hapana. This will increase the comfort level of the clients as they can handle the matter themselves, without having to contact your staff.

3.   Self-service means steady cash flow

Not only does self-serving access take the headaches away from your employees, but it also helps you get a steady income. For example, if a client barely comes into the fitness studio, you never know when they will come in and make a payment.

Some fitness studios try to counter this by setting a deadline. The problem is that some people prefer to pay the penalty or cancel the subscription altogether rather than come on a day that is inconvenient for them; others may simply not be able to physically make it to the building to pay on particular days due to an unpredictable schedule. This won’t be good for your cash flow.

By allowing self-service access to account details such as billing, you give your members a deadline and the freedom to go at their own pace. The majority will even prefer to pay ahead of time, to get this payment out of the way. This will significantly improve your cash flow.

4.   Self-service increases customer retention

Nowadays, every business is using some sort of technology for its operations; there is an app for almost anything. 

Having a self-service portal for important membership data is no longer optional. Your clients expect this of you; many of their other subscriptions are self-service, so they may see a manual subscription, requiring constant interaction, as taxing or not worth the money. This can negatively impact your business.

5. Information kept up to date

Sometimes, the problem may not be a late payment, but information availability. For your business to run smoothly, your client information must be up to date. This can be problematic if there is any modification to your members’ data, such as a new credit card, residency, or name change.

By allowing them self-serving access to their account, members can make these changes themselves. They can update their billing information and add the necessary details to stay relevant. This ensures that you don’t accidentally bill the wrong sum or the wrong account.

The bottom line

Giving your members self-serving access to their account details can positively streamline your fitness studio business. As the clients can input their information, you are reducing unnecessary work for your employees, while allowing members to go at their own pace. 

With Hapana, your fitness studio can establish a comprehensive self-service portal that will allow your members to take control of their experience. Consider making the switch today to see how you can ease your workload and improve your workflow through self-service options.

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