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Why members need full app purchase history access in your fitness studio app

Corey Loehr
November 29, 2022
Why members need full app purchase history access in your fitness studio app 1|Why members need full app purchase history access in your fitness studio app

We live in the era of technology, where every person prefers the easy use of an app. Fitness app downloads increased by nearly 50% since 2020; they are a great remote access point for your services and for keeping all your app purchase history in one place.

Still, every app is different. One distinct difference is in the member's purchase history. The average application offers access to your current memberships. Other fitness studio apps such as Hapana allow members to see their full purchase history as well. These features can be advantageous and here is why.

Shifting the focus

Through fitness studio apps and fitness classes app, most people get access to present and future benefits. However, users are also interested in their past features. They want full access to their purchase history for a variety of reasons, but that is not always possible once their subscription renews. Some gym goers cannot access even basic membership details without going to their trainer first, which can be frustrating. Clients nowadays want to know how to find purchase history. Therefore, to make life easy most fitness tracker app now tries to display in-app purchase history.

Fitness app like Hapana changed this for a variety of gyms. This “white label” best weight lifting app allows gym owners to apply their brand to a system that offers stronger customer autonomy for logistical convenience, customer trust and app history. Through this system, a gym’s members can book and register for a class, see their past purchases, and much more completely on their own. Modern fitness app development focuses on integrating numerous distinct features that will also enable easy fitness app download.

Why members should have access to their purchase history

As mentioned, there are several reasons why gym members should have access to their purchase history through an app, for the benefit of not only the end user, but the gym owner as well. 

By using tracking exercise apps such as Hapana, you and your members may enjoy the following benefits.

1. It makes information easily available to customers

Members want to be kept in the loop when using weightlifting app. At the same time, they do not like having to fish for information. They want access to every purchase history fitness centers have from the very first day of their workout journey, and they want it right away. Very often, this information can be obtained from the members’ purchase history.

By offering them access, you give a sense of empowerment and control; members can use the app to see that information any time they want, no matter if they are at the gym or not.

2. It saves your staff’s time

Think about how much time your staff spends answering your clients’ questions. They may know the answers perfectly, but every minute spent on an avoidable question is a minute they could have been focused on a more productive task.

By giving your members access to the necessary information to access independently, you reduce the demand on your staff, giving them one less headache. This is particularly useful if your gym is understaffed, an occurrence that became very common after the pandemic. This is how fitness apps developed to transform the gym business.

3. It allows for customized memberships

Every member has their own fitness needs that change as time passes. For example, someone may begin their membership because they want to lose weight and burn off the extra fat. Later on, they may want to gain extra muscles and build some bulk.

By allowing your members access to their details and history, they can see what plans they had before and how they can change them. For example, with Hapana, they can see what classes they registered for. Based on that, they may create a customized membership based on what worked or didn’t work for them.

4. It increases member engagement and retention

Members who have access to their purchase history and the power to make decisions based on it may show a significant  boost in engagement, as they can feel more motivated to do their best. This aids your client retention, keeping your members by your side in the long term. 

Not only will this make your clients happy, but it will also increase overall satisfaction. Demand for this kind of information is already expected of you, which is why you should consider adding such a feature to your service list.

5. It makes remote work possible for customers

Many gym members want to access their membership details even when they are away from the gym. This need was further intensified after the pandemic, when people were pushed into exercising outdoors or in the comfort of their own homes.

By accessing their details remotely, members can do their workouts even when they are not at the gym. For example, if they purchased a certain fitness package in the past and their membership changed, apps such as Hapana still allow users to access that package. 

This shift from physical to digital support can help your business continue to exist sustainably even when physical customer interaction is not viable.

The bottom line

When a client asks for information, it is in your best interest to answer as fast as possible. Still, giving all of those details can be time-consuming for your staff. This is why you should go for white-label apps such as Hapana. This way, your clients can access their membership history anytime they want.

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