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Email combined with SMS: engage subscribers in your database more efficiently

Corey Loehr
September 28, 2022
email and sms marketing

One of the pillars of a gym's digital marketing strategy is email and SMS marketing. Email and SMS marketing help you to reach potential customers effectively so that you can increase conversion rates. 

Estimates state that email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023. Most experts agree that professional email marketing, especially when it comes to design, is critical to your success. These email campaigns can help clients determine if they are satisfied with your products or services as well as your brand. 

This means that each campaign needs to be clean and well-designed to meet your clients’ expectations. If there is a quality email built with professionalism in their inbox, clients are more likely to perform a Call-to-Action that converts.

This post will go through the major components of creating a beautiful email for your next marketing campaign as well as provide in-depth information on email and SMS template builders.

What makes a beautiful email?

Marketing emails have many important elements, especially when it comes to their aesthetic design.

Layout structure

The layout is critical to the success of email and SMS marketing. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. You are unlikely to be interested in traveling from one end of the device to the other in order to read the entire content of the messages, nor are you likely to read massive blocks of text with no spacing.

Consider breaking down your content into reasonable sections with clear headings. This gives your reader plenty of “white space” or empty space between words and a skimmable email that they can review quickly.

Font choice

The display of content in email and SMS marketing templates is just as important as the content itself. Regardless of how good, appealing, and beneficial the content is, if the text is too hard to read or confusing to look at, it simply won’t be read.

For an email, the ideal amount of fonts is two. For longer content, use easy-to-read, easy-to-observe typefaces such as Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, Verdana, or Tahoma, among others. You can get a bit more decorative with titles and headings, as long as the fonts are still readable on a small screen.

Font size is also an important consideration; again, your readers will likely be viewing these messages on their handheld devices, and so your fonts will need to be large enough to read on a small area, but not so large that a few words take up the entire screen.


There's no need to go overboard with visuals; a single image can convey a thousand words. 

Including photos in your email marketing template will boost its effectiveness significantly. The benefit of using images in emails is that you don't have to waste time or money taking photos yourself. Instead, you can get a snapshot from a website.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all image standard. The style of your images is entirely dependent on your message and brand; however, you should always aim for decent quality in your photos, even if you’re just sharing relatable memes.


There is a widespread belief that color has the greatest influence on your clients' purchasing decisions. Many people overlook this feature, but appropriate color selection can greatly improve your email’s effectiveness. 

The palette you choose is entirely dependent on your business specialization. Fortunately, there is no set color group that the fitness industry must use; you’re free to use a wide variety of color variations. 

Consider colors that represent special occasions in addition to brand colors. For example, for a festive email, red and green may work best.

Compelling calls-to-action

One thing to remember is that the purpose of email and SMS campaigns is to persuade your target to take action. You don't want your prospects to open an email, read it, then close it and forget about it!

The quality of the content is usually not on its own sufficient to achieve a return on investment with email and SMS marketing. Instead, you should also optimize the conversion tunnel to which your communications relate, meaning that you should pay attention to your two key elements: the Call-To-Action and the Landing Page.

The Call-To-Action should serve as the message's conclusion. It’s a full stop and an indication of what customers must do to gain the benefits that you have promised them. Common CTA buttons such as "buy now," "purchase now," and "register" are simple and accessible.

Once your customers have heeded the Call-To-Action, you must convert this click with an ideal Landing Page.

To achieve the highest conversion rate, every detail of the landing page must be carefully considered. The best landing pages have:

  • A headline that focuses on what the viewer will get from investing in your project. 
  • Compelling copy that furthers the necessity of your product and its proof of concept (reviews, scientific facts, verified processes, etc.).
  • A relevant, easy-to-use lead form and CTA at the top of the page.

What makes an effective SMS message?

People love their smartphones, so SMS messages are a near-perfect marketing tool. While a person does have to opt-into an SMS marketing program, there are some great ways to incentivize participation.

Special offers

You can use SMS messages to deliver special offers that no one else has access to. Add a time limit to the offer, and make people want to both subscribe, and take action. 

Keep people up to date 

SMS messages let you connect directly with something a person carries everywhere, so if you need to let them know about closures, or other events, SMS messages are a perfect tool. 

Make it simple

Remember that SMS messages should be short, and right to the point. If you need to send a deeper message - use an email!

Automate email and SMS marketing building process

In a world where all businesses are backed up by email and SMS marketing, there’s one excellent way to succeed: automation. The integration of this cutting-edge technology can help your business optimize email and SMS sendings without spending too much time or effort.

Many marketing software and tools have a built-in store of simple but quite eye-catching email and SMS templates. Applying automation to your marketing template builder will give you full access to all the available templates. You will also have full customization rights, allowing you to rearrange it and make it your own design.

Want to build an email from scratch but have no idea how to work with HTML input? The solution is the drag-and-drop editor. This feature makes it easier for anyone with no coding background to build an email by simply dragging and dropping content blocks in a base template and customizing these blocks to match your ideas.

You’re good to go!

Using automated email and SMS marketing tools can save you time, allowing you to spend more energy creating new things. It might help you bypass the editing stage and focus on the most important aspect of the email: creating the content.

Get the most out of your marketing budget and grow your email and SMS marketing program the right way.