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Which protein is best? #firstwheyproblems

Rebecca W
May 27, 2014
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I never thought I’d say it but after a huge couple of days, I am really looking forward to just relaxing. Normally, I’m someone with constant ants in my pants (going, going, going), but I’m surprised at how much I am looking forward to letting my body and mind take some time off.I’d also like to add how it always surprises me how much changing up your exercise routine can really make you feel the effects in places which you don’t normally. It also reminds me about how important recovery days are! I can’t wait to head home, grab some food and lie in bed reading my 50 shades darker.As of lately I’ve been focusing on looking after my body, taking adequate rest, eating enough when I’m hungry and getting plenty of sleep. I’ve also added a few sneaky treats in there for good measure!In particular, I’ve been contemplating buying protein powder. I’ve wanted to for ages now but really I am unsure as to which brand, type (casein, whey, creatine etc), flavour (choc or vanilla?) and which size to get.This week, I tried whey protein ‘hot chocolate’ style, which basically involves skim milk with half a scoop or protein powder warmed- and voila! Healthy, high protein hot chocolate! I enjoy its’ nutrition facts and subtle chocolate flavor, but I’m unsure whether to buy flavoured or not because if I choose a natural flavour it will require another flavouring when I add it to stuff (get me?). Now, these are the things I want to get out of the protein powder:

  • Good nutritional stats- protein, sugar, calories, fat etc.
  • Natural ingredients preferably, and an ingredient list that isn’t too long, if you catch my drift.
  • Something that focuses more on muscle recovery and performance- I’d go for a powder that is recommended for an athlete rather than body builders
  • Not costing an arm and leg

Basically, I want something that will help my body keep up with all the exercise I do. I train for a lot of hours in a week, so that’s why I thought maybe I should seek out a protein powder that is more for athletes. Although I am not an athlete, I do train quite a lot and I like love to train hard and give it my all every time!So this is where I need YOUR HELP! What protein powder do you recommend? Or what do you think would best suit my situation?

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