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How to get what you want

Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy
March 10, 2014
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So you need something?Some folks ask.Some folks expect people to mind, read and just giveSome folks would never ask, they always find a way on their own.Who are you?When you need something done, and when you research the people who get things done, and how they do it there is a common sense system that works. By skipping any of the steps you risk never getting the mission completed orburning bridges with the people who possibly could have helped you.The greatest satisfaction is to do it yourself.Whether you want to start a business, raise money for your charity, invent or create a new product-anything YOU want to do. Aim to do it yourself if you possibly can. Then you will owe nothing to nobody and there will be a major sense of personal self satisfaction. You will also be setting yourself up for achieving even bigger missions-the more you achieve, the more you feel you can continue to achieve! Always start with YOU!If you feel you need help, advice or a partner, make sure you have done ALL you can possibly do FIRST.Have you read and watched everything on the subject? Have you done all the possible research and groundwork and all YOU can possibly do by yourself? If you have, you now know where you need and from who.There are people who will help you.However, you have to build a relationship with them before you start asking for things. It is very rude to email a random request for money or sponsorship or charity dollars if you have not spoken to the person for months. Just because it is your charity or your special event does not mean this person wants to be involved, especially if you have just sent out a group email, with no personal touches and you have not bothered to build a personal relationship. A great rule is a minimum of 5 personal contacts, not asking for anything, before you dare ask for something—and actually want to get something back other than a “NO” response.Yes, there are people who will help you.However, people who can help you are much more likely to want to help you if they can clearly see how much effort you have already made yourself. And no random, generic requests, show you have done the research and ask specifically for the help you want.NOTE: If you are asking for advice, only ask advice from people you respect and if you will implement the advice. It is rude to run around asking for lots of people’s advice and implementing nothing. If a person is prepared to invest time in sharing their help and advice, they will never do it again, for you or anybody else, if you ignore them or worse, fail to thank them for their time, energy and wisdom.Communicate and THANK…If someone does help you, please clearly communicate what you did with their help, advice or money-NO not a generic email with random thanks! A personal call or note to share specifically what you did with the help/advice/money AND before you ever ask again, continue with the personal contact-at least 5 times, not asking for anything, before you ask again.

You do not want the reputation of the person who,“We only ever hear from when they want something!!”If you are serious about raising money for a charity and/or adding value to your world, and you really feel you need help, please do it with style, good manners, respect and no guilt attached. If you ask in the right way, people will help, if they do not help, take a look at YOU and the way you asked?