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Hapana executive profile: Warren Webb

Corey Loehr
June 27, 2022
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Warren Webb, Senior Vice President of Sales at Hapana!

Embracing the responsibility to lead or scale a sales organization with creative and leading solutions isn’t something everyone can do. Warren H. Webb known was simply "Webb" to almost everyone in the industry, has joined Hapana as a Senior Vice President of Sales and will be charged with driving successful account growth, organize sales, and foster customer acquisition in North America. Using his 19 years of exceptional experience and knowledge, Webb will be providing solutions engineered for better engagement in the fitness world via Hapana's end-to-end solution.

Webb is an intuitive thinker known for his unique leadership approach, including aligning sales performance and strategies to meet business goals. As a veteran in his field, Webb has always been at the forefront of general sales training and fitness technology solutions. His work experience is associated with Visual Fitness Planner (VFP), where he developed his expertise in sales training, establishing processes and procedures and an extensive knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Webb's adventurous and curious nature has always kept him enthusiastic about finding different solutions in the tech world. His vision as Senior Vice President of Sales - North America is to take sales and growth of the company to the next level. 

Meet "Webb", Senior Vice President of Sales at Hapana.

Starting out in his career

Born and raised in Texas, Webb worked with different start-ups before starting his career in sales and management. Prior to joining VFP, Webb worked with Dun & Bradstreet in Houston, Texas, as a Senior Analyst, before moving on to two nationally-known businesses in Fort Worth, Texas.

Webb is exceptionally skilled in executing proven strategies in business development, sales training, strategic planning for start-ups, KPI management, and marketing to improve growth. 

As an accomplished leader of business incubators, Webb provided 27 portfolio companies with operational services, development, management, and consulting. 

VFP was one of those companies that he assisted to commercialization. He joined VFP shortly after parting ways with the Fort Worth incubator. 

This moment marked a turning point in Webb's career as he gained most of his fitness industry knowledge with VFP. Webb served as VFP’s Vice President and Shareholder before joining Hapana in 2022 after forming a professional acquaintance with Jarron Aizen — CEO and founder of Hapana.

Webb's desire to work with an organization featuring advanced technology and a fantastic reputation led him to join a leading fitness business management solution firm like Hapana. 

“Over the years, Jarron and I kept in contact. What led me to Hapana was not only timing, but the desire to work with a company that has cutting-edge technology, an exceptional group of folks to work with, and a leader who has a fantastic reputation in the industry.”


Achievements and experience driving results

Webb considers himself fortunate to have worked with top-notch and reputed professionals in the fitness industry. He was an amateur in operations and management in the fitness world at the beginning of his career, but he improved his knowledge and honed his skills by working with market leaders and professionals throughout the world.

For Webb, his prominent achievements include his contributions to transforming start-ups into profit-generating companies and rising to the rank of an executive at Hapana. Throughout his career, Webb has focused on building his name and reputation. In doing so, he has created life-long partnerships founded on trust and honor. 

“The most valuable thing you own is your name and reputation. Fiercely protect it by always honoring your word.”


Webb is leading Hapana’s expansion of sales teams into health clubs and big box gyms throughout North America. His expertise and industry knowledge in revenue creation strategies and sales training for clubs sets him apart from other professionals. He has the proven ability to manage, lead, and grow companies in the fitness industry. 

The Senior Vice President of Sales aims for continued success and growth as the organization expands in the big box gym segments. The fast-paced technology and its evolution over time excite Webb and help him push his limits to achieve milestones. He believes that technological advancements in the fitness industry can improve the progress rate. 

As a dedicated Senior Vice President of Sales, Webb will be responsible for leading growth into multiple verticals, that can impact every aspect of the fitness industry’s professional spectrum.

“It’s amazing and exciting to realize that technology as a whole improves over its last iteration of itself; thus, the rate of progress from one version to another speeds up over time. I hope that the exponential growth in technology, no matter what applications they may be, is effectively and wisely implemented for the best.”

- Warren Webb

Towards a better future

Webb's extensive traveling experience has played a vital role in shaping his views and perspectives. During a single trip in 2016, he Ran with the Bulls in Pamlon, Spain and later witnessed the heartbreaking incident of Bastille Day terrorists in Nice, France, from his hotel balcony. The tragic event significantly impacted his view on life.

Webb's father also contributed to his personality. As a U.S. Navy veteran, his father instilled core values in Webb that became his inspiration and motivation and guided him through his professional career. His father was also a successful businessman. 

Other than work, Webb loves attending family gatherings. He is the proud uncle of 39 nieces and nephews. He is also fond of traveling to exotic and picturesque islands in the Caribbean. Many people are shocked when they hear that he has never had a single sip of coffee, which is a fun fact that very few people know about him.

Webb's idea of a successful life isn’t complete without a healthy lifestyle. The thought behind this holistic vision works as a driving force as the Senior Vice President of Sales at Hapana.

For Webb, he is not only a fitness enthusiast but also makes sure that he inspires people who look up to him with his approach, lifestyle, and professional and personal choices. 

It's impossible to enjoy life, be successful, or raise a healthy family if you don't take care of yourself first. Health and fitness is an often-overlooked path to success in anything in life.

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