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Hapana executive profile: Fred Elias

Corey Loehr
June 14, 2022
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Depending on the structure of any organization, the role of a Senior Vice President/Strategic Manager comes with numerous responsibilities. Being in the fitness and technology field for over 20 years, Fred Elias has embraced the role of VP of Strategic Partnerships with complete dedication and commitment. Fred’s previous experience as the VP of Operations proves his ability to upscale the company’s management and production successfully.

A well-traveled professional who was born and raised in Southern California, Fred brings a unique and dynamic skillset to Hapana. His entrepreneurial experience in the fitness world enables him to fit in seamlessly at Hapana, where he will take the lead in driving growth via strategic partnerships.

Meet Fred Elias, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Hapana.

Fitness as a passion from the start

Fred Elias has always been a fitness fanatic, arriving at the gym to work out as early as 5 am, 6 days a week. He began his journey as a “gym operator,” as he owned and ran a fitness studio in the initial phase of his career. From this hands-on experience, he also assumed the role of sales manager, which only added to his vast experience as a gym operator and enthusiast.

To further diversify his career profile, Fred made a strategic shift to the vendor side of the fitness industry and started helping gyms and clubs help their members with nutrition solutions. The implementation of nutrition coaching and planning was then and is now an essential add-on-service that enabled his clients to deliver a better overall experience for existing members while attracting more clients and improving the company’s revenues significantly.

In 2008, Fred returned to working on the club side, with 24-Hour Fitness. Is was during this time that Fred stepped into the software world, devising software like “In-touch,” a contact management software designed to facilitate growth for health club and gyms.

Soon after, Fred was approached by ClubReady to build and sell a portfolio software product, where he was instrumental in rebranding the ClubReady-owned product "leadSPEAK".

Thinking beyond the status quo

The considerable talent and experience Fred has demonstrated over his career allows him to seamlessly step into the position of VP of Strategic Partnerships at Hapana. As an SVP, Fred will be looking to explore various sales, operations, and strategic partnerships. Having collaborated with numerous tech products and industry leaders, Fred has an innate understanding of how a multi-solution approach can create a truly differentiated experience for teams and members of a fitness club.

Taking the positive approach

Fred is an avid sports enthusiast who played baseball and lifts weights regularly. As a result, backed by a love for the fitness industry and a desire to share his knowledge with a motivated team, Fred worked hard to become a more focused and determined bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast. This positivity and commitment to his passion shaped Fred’s personality. Regardless of his professional designation, Fred has always tried to exceed customer expectations. Ensuring members are content and happy is a driving force for Fred.

He has mentored more than 50 people and focuses on strengthening his connection with individuals, as he believes creating strong relationships is key in an increasingly remote working environment. With a wealth of experience in fitness technology, Fred knows the significance of creating tech tools that drive the user experience.

“Innovation, modern platforms, really everything should be driven around a user experience. Had several opportunities with other large companies in the space. Had some friends to connect with Jarron - was so sold on Jarron and his excitement in the industry. It’s really based on user experience.” - Fred Elias

Building a better tomorrow

Becoming a part of Hapana has been an exciting journey for Fred. He was sold on Hapana CEO Jarron Aizen's commitment to upgrading the user experience with high-quality products. Fred joined Hapana to join in the pursuit of this vision to create better tech solutions and deliver an industry-leading, end-to-end solution for Hapana’s customers.

For Fred, the fitness industry's focus shouldn’t be just about selling products and equipment to people. He's motivated to truly transform people's lives by creating an authentic user experience. As a VP of Strategic Partnerships, Fred strives to bring this detailed and meticulous approach to the systems and operations.

When Fred isn’t working, he likes to spend most of his time with family and playing golf. He has been a part of numerous golf competitive events and club championships. Fred is also fond of participating in “Ryder Cup” events around the city to keep his energy levels elevated.

Fred dedicates himself to live a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. As shown through his commitment to eating vegan food. The fanatical exerciser loves spending his time at the gym. He wants to stay fit and healthy while working out alongside his fellow gym lovers.

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