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Gym membership sales script: how to speak to members and close more deals

Corey Loehr
January 3, 2022
gym membership sales script

According to fitness advertising specialists, one new gym client is worth more than $570 to a fitness center every year. But a single member cannot help a gym increase sales or improve the gym's growth alone. You need to implement effective strategies to bring a good volume of leads. However, converting leads into potential gym members requires a solid gym membership sales script.

Unfortunately, this is one area where many gym owners or fitness centers struggle. The reason can be anything from poorly crafted sales pitch scripts to a lack of skills and training. Regardless of the reason, a poor gym membership sales script can harm your business significantly.

You need to understand what it takes to create an effective gym membership sales script to improve your sales pitch and boost gym sales.

What is a gym membership sales script?

Typically, a a gym membership sales script refers to a “set of points” crafted to help the sales team speak to prospects. Because each sales team member is different with a unique set of skills, a gym membership sales script can help them maintain consistency when selling services.

How important are gym membership sales scripts for your gym?

A sales script is a powerful tool that guides your sales team through the complex process of closing a deal. 

When defining an ideal gym membership sales script for any business, the company must consider several components, including the gym’s mission statement, its values, who it wants to target, and the purpose of offering the services. 

All these components impact the script you use for your sales team. Every team member must have an in-depth understanding of all the key elements of a sales pitch to perform well. 

Remember that a well-designed sales script provides your team with the information and techniques they need to initiate a conversation, make a connection, and build rapport with prospective members.

Each aspect of the gym membership sales script plays a vital role in making the sales journey a success.

How to speak to members to close more deals

Implementing a sales script means your team will have an easy-to-follow transcript highlighting the important parts of the sales pitch. While creating the perfect sales script, keep the following considerations in mind.

Greet at the reception or front desk

You’ve likely heard the saying, “the first impression is the last impression.” 

This saying is relevant when creating a gym membership sales script. Whether your customer has called a team member at the reception desk or has visited the gym personally, they should feel welcomed. 

Your attention and focus on the new customer will play a critical role here. Take some time to inquire about the customer’s fitness goals, levels, and contact info before recommending a service or membership. 

You need to ensure all your sales team members are well trained to provide the customer with relevant information. Also, the sales team must know how to engage in meaningful conversations with potential new gym members. Meaningful conversation can leave a lasting impression on the future customer, which can help your gym stand apart from the rest. 

Listen to the customer’s feelings and goals. If the member is interested in losing weight, ask about their reasoning and their biggest obstacle in achieving this goal.

Establish rapport with new members

Building rapport with new potential members from the first interaction is crucial. If you think you’ve asked enough basic questions, try to talk about something else that interests the members. 

For instance, if your new member is a mother, you can try initiating a conversation about her kids, as many parents enjoy topics about their children. Ask questions like: What do your kids do? Do they play sports? How do you keep them engaged? Keep in mind that people are not there to buy your training services but a trainer who can connect with them. You need to be empathetic to spark a healthy conversation and build a lasting relationship with the client.

Understand what a new member needs

Once you start building rapport with the new member, your aim should be to create a clear picture of their goals. While most gyms use the same membership pitch, customers' needs vary drastically. 

One of the best ways to create and personalize the gym member’s experience is to understand their goals and needs. Make sure you sit with the members and explore what they are trying to achieve in their fitness journey. 

As said above, each potential member must get the individual attention they deserve. You must focus on creating a conversation that can help you identify and understand their goals. This is also a great way to improve your sales strategy and provide a specific solution to the clients.

Talk about your gym’s value

People are more interested in finding out the result of the product than the product itself. You must communicate the significant change your training and fitness center can bring into the potential member’s life. Don’t discuss pricing directly or use a specific gym sales script for price questions.

Give members a grand tour

Giving members a grand tour of the gym allows them to become familiar with the machines and atmosphere provided by your gym. A gym tour should always be a part of your gym membership sales script and sales pitch. Tailor your tour specifically to the individual needs of your member's goals. 

A guided tour with relevant details can make new members feel more connected and help them make an informed decision.

Offer trial memberships

A trial membership can be an effective sales tool to close the deal. You can offer anything from a full month membership to a one-day free pass to your new clients. If your prospect is on edge about whether to pay for a gym, offering a trial membership can push them to sign the contract.

Summing up

Using a gym membership sales script can do wonders when used correctly. The given steps can help you create a gym membership sales script that fits your business needs and enables you to convert leads into potential members.