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Got a cough? some healthy fixes for curing your cough

Michelle Toocaram
May 19, 2014
hot chocolate 400x400 2

If you're looking for a more natural alternative than cough syrup for curing your cough, I think I have just what the Doctor ordered.Hot ChocolateDid you know, a small trial at Imperial College London found that theobromine ( an ingredient in cocoa) was a more effective cough suppressant that codeine?But before you all go and help yourself to a hot chocolate next time you have a cough remember that both sugar and cows milk are unhelpful for your immune system. You can make a healthier version using raw cacao powder (which is ground unprocessed seeds of the tree that is the source of chocolate & cocoa), rice or oat milk and a small amount of stevia or maple syrup.You will need to drink 2 cups to get the same amount of theobromine as in the trial. Its tough being healthy.Other remedies include humidifying your bedroom, sleeping raised up, good old hot lemon and honey drinks and delicious thyme syrup.Thyme syrupThyme Syrup is really easy to make. You can make your own by following the recipe below:3 handfuls of finely chopped fresh thymeOrganic honeyCompletely cover the thyme with honey and allow it to macerate for a few hours.Give 1 tsp 3-4 x a dayIt will keep indefinitely and is delicious!(Source:FASEBJ,2005:19:231-3)

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