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Executive profile: Hapana CRO Corey Loehr

Corey Loehr
May 31, 2022
Corey Loehr

Embracing change is never easy. Unless of course, you’ve demonstrated an ability to do it repeatedly, and excel in the process. Corey Loehr, Hapana’s Chief Revenue Officer, has built a life based upon embracing change. From throwing a spiker, to changing continents, to being an influencer of game changing technology solutions at the Intel Corporation, to leading the evolution of Hapana, Corey Loehr has continually embraced new opportunities and he has helped hundreds of companies and encouraged the world to do the same.

Corey Loehr: the passion

Corey Loehr grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, in Portland Oregon. Over there his passion for America’s pastime led him to a starring role as a pitcher for Lewis & Clark University. After going 20-1 with a 1.8 ERA his senior year, Corey Loehr passed on several compelling job opportunities in the U.S. to take the mound in Australia. He was able to travel the country and continue to pursue a passion for sport. This included Coaching, Club President, President of Junior Association and National Team Selector. Throwing his spiker would be just the first instance of Corey embracing change.

But, unlike the big-league contracts we see today, players in Australia worked jobs on the side to pay the bills. It was in Perth Australia, where Corey Loehr recognized very early on that technology was set to change the world. He got in at the ground floor of the coming PC revolution. With an advanced understanding of office automation , he found himself transitioning into the early days of tech. Therefore, making his way into IBM MRP solutions  with JD Edwards. At that time, it was particularly important to both learn and adapt quickly. Corey Loehr not only adapted quickly, but excelled in his role. He won multiple awards in a short period of time, including salesperson of the year.

Corey Loehr: the belief

“Some people say ‘I would rather be lucky than be good’. But for me achieving success was proportionate to how hard I worked. Maybe then I got luckier. To me, being good is about hard work. However, hard work isn’t just about working lots of hours - it’s about being smart.”

Corey Loehr soon joined Sun Microsystems. There he was a leader in the Australia and New Zealand region selling strategic technology solutions. Afterwards, he joined a small, relatively unknown (at the time) semiconductor chip manufacturer - Intel Corporation. The move was relatively risky at the time. However, based on his experience in adapting to change, Corey was bullish on the company’s prospects.

The new dawn

Corey Loehr would go on to rise through the ranks at Intel. It was the first leading Enterprise technology adoption in Australia and New Zealand. Later on, he strived to expand his leadership across the entire Asia-Pacific territory. In this role, Corey oversaw a team of industry technology sales specialists. He was responsible for growing the region’s footprint in retail, hospitality, and consumer goods industries. Tangential to this, Corey participated in 10-year strategic, and 5-year horizon planning teams. He served as an Intel Executive Coach. There, he took the role to unlock performance gains for the company’s most valuable employees. 

Above all else, Corey Loehr was responsible for guiding the region’s largest companies into the successful adoption of new technologies.

“Success in life comes from more than just achieving your next career milestone. It’s about the close relationships you maintain and the community organizations you engage within. Having some participation in each of those layers gives us a life that’s well-rounded and well-lived.”

Leaning-in at Hapana

After 15 successful years at Intel, Corey Loehr decided to embrace change yet again. This time, he would invest in a small, industry-specific software company. The company had an interesting combination of technology with Health and Fitness. This had always been pivotal to Corey’s identity. He shifted his passion to an industry that was ripe for innovation. The core mission to improve the overall health and wellness of millions of people, was a no-brainer.

“We’re in an amazing industry that is solely aims to help and reverse so many world problems. That is, how people take care of their own health. For us, specifically at Hapana, we’re changing the game with a platform that enables clubs to deliver a world-class experience for their members.”

Corey Loehr’s impact has been nothing short of exceptional. The business has doubled in growth  each year since his arrival. 

With the release of the V2 integrated platform in 2022, the sky is truly the limit. Hapana will continue to empower clubs across the globe.

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