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Andrew Boxer
July 15, 2014
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A QUICK GUIDE TO TAILORING A PROGRAM THAT MEETS YOUR SPECIFIC GOALSWHETHER YOU WANT TO:Gain muscle [reps of 8-12] [rest of 1-3 minutes]Gain strength [reps of 1-8] [rest of 2-7 minutes]Gain fitness [reps of 12+] [rest of 0-2 minutes]From our experience, clients workout 3-4 times a week. So, to keep it manageable, we suggest a ’3 day split’ program with an extra day to work on your fitness. This gives a balance of resistance and fitness training, as many clients already play a sport once or twice a week.THE SKELETON OF A WELL ROUNDED WORKOUT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS: Day 1- Legs & Shoulders - legs days are not to be missed. It stimulates the most metabolic changes and increases the most testosterone release of any body part. They should be trained early on in the week when you’re most fresh so you have the most energy.Day 2- Chest, Tri’s & Core – upper body time- This should be performed in between your legs and back days. This gives your lower body time to grow and repair. Also its important to not neglect your core because a weak core is one of the main reasons for lower back pain!Day 3- Back & Bi’s- This is the last workout of the week and is always fun. A combination of upper and lower back stimulation is essential to prevent shoulder and back injuries, as well as improve rounded/hunched shoulders and postural problems. Now, of course, there is a lot more to programing, and there are exceptions to every rule, but stick with this as a rough guide and you won’t go wrong.This article has been shared with the author's written permission. The article expresses the authors opinion only.

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