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Back to basics benefit #2 it’s better outdoors!

Corey Loehr
April 27, 2015
Back To Basics Benefit 3 Its Better Outdoors 1 2

Location, location! Here’s the next big plus for the back to basics movement- it’s better outdoors!

An outdoor workout at Bondi Outdoor Gym

The second biggest difference between outdoor workouts and my good ol’ local gym is the location. It’s outdoors, and airy and doesn’t smell like someone’s three week old sweaty gym bag. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something to the dungeon-like, dark and “hardcore” vibe of my local gym, but here no one is grunting loudly and making a noise, or if they are, it’s drowned out by the sounds of seagulls and rushing waves.A crowd gathers to watch me perform five consecutive L-sit chin-ups that I have been practicing for weeks and someone takes a photograph. I don’t stop him. It’s validation for my hard work and what feeling is greater than showing off one’s successes from persistent effort? There’s a different feeling here and I love it.

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