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Are people fat because of you?

Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy
February 24, 2014
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The western world, (maybe even you, your family and the people you care about) are fatter and sicker than we have ever been.Have you considered if what you are doing in your own life is making it better or worse? Is what you are saying, promoting, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and supporting the folks in your world to be active to eat healthy, drink more water and to exercise regularly?Even if you are not fit, hate to exercise, had a poor experience with one gym or Personal Trainer OR you have decided to be fat, unfit or unhealthy (which is all your personal choice and your personal opinion), what are you subconsciously recommending to the folks in your world who need to help with their health, self-esteem, and weight loss?There are people who do love the gym, are fit and healthy, look younger and are stronger, are in great shape, have a higher self-esteem and a much happier life BECAUSE of their active lifestyle, exercise program, gym membership or Personal Trainer.No, most people do not want to exercise, eat vegetables, drink water, join a gym or train with a Personal Trainer. As some folks do not, “Want” to brush their teeth, go to work, or school, or clean their house, wash their clothes or take out the rubbish.. BUT…What they do want is the outcomes they achieve from doing those things- Self-respect, confidence, a successful life and a healthy, fit, strong, clean life which they can live in abundance!!There is no argument that an active, healthy lifestyle will give those who choose it a life where they feel younger and stronger for longer. Healthy people may not be happier, but they certainly look it and seem to be. Not being sick, fat, tired, or overweight is a great start to having a superb life!Let people choose the life they want without any negative influence!