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Four things to help you enjoy building your business

August 2, 2017
4 Things To Help You Enjoy Building Your Business 2

There is nothing worse than building a business when you're not really enjoying the process.Here are 4 way's to help you enjoy the process in 20171) ALIGN YOUR BUSINESS GOALS WITH THE TYPE OF LIFESTYLE YOU WANT TO LIVEEnsure you are working towards your OWN chosen lifestyle and not someone else’s. One person’s dream lifestyle can be another person’s nightmare!The whole ethos of my business, Lifestyle 180 is to design your lifestyle FIRST.Do this by…Working out how you want to spend your time each day…Working out how much you want to work, rest and play each day, week, month and year…Working out how much this is going to cost you financially.Then build your business and sales plan around those numbers and get to work! This way you create your lifestyle and business by design and not by chance.It’s a system that works if you work the system.You might not need to be a millionaire or have multiple businesses to achieve your dreams, but you won’t know until you work it out.This is the first and the most crucial exercise we run with any new coaching client we take on. 9 times out of 10 clients realise that they need a lot less money and a much smaller business than they thought to be successful.2) BLOCK TIME OFF & WHITE SPACE FIRSTBuilding a business is no different from training clients; think of it in terms of periodization.For best results, it's important to have appropriate spikes of intensity, volume and recovery.You can’t do them all at the same time.Building your business is the same,Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business of lifestyle.Just like training, it’s an ongoing process forever, there is no final destination so you might as well figure out a way to enjoy the process day in day out.A common mistake is to load your day with tasks and projects all day every day, it’s TOTALLY counter productive.If you’re on it 24/7 you’re just going to burn out and hate the whole business building experience.Schedule WHITE SPACE in your diary daily so you have time to work, rest and play every day.You’ll get much more done and enjoy the journey.You’re at your most creative when you have had adequate time to chill and relax. Solving business problems is much easier when you have your creative brain workingWORK – Short bursts of focused work time (AKA Business building tasks)REST – Allow your brain to recover, before the next bout of work (AKA Chill)PLAY – Have fun outside of work, do stuff totally unrelated to work (AKA Fun)Get your calendar out and block out your holidays. Don’t worry about where you are going or how you are going to pay for it. Once it’s in the diary you’ll figure it out.3) STICK WITH YOUR PLANIf you have been in the fitness industry long enough you would have had to work with clients that are always looking for the following the next FAD diet or training program to get results!You know that these clients end up making ZERO Progress because they don’t stick to one program long enough to see results.Most people we see FAIL in business are those that don’t stick to their plan long enough,They go off chasing the next new thing, just like the client looking for the miracle weight loss program.You can be successful in business with most products and services but only if you are willing to ride out the peaks and troughs.When introducing a new product or service into the marketing place give yourself AT LEAST 6 Months of 100% undivided attention to make it work.Don’t go off chasing the next big idea, instead work on your first big idea, it will work for you if you give it the time and attention it needs to be successful4) DON'T FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT WHEN THINGS DON'T WORK OUT, BE SUPERCOOL WITH FAILURELearning how to deal with fxxx ups in business is a CRITICAL SKILL.You’re going to fail and make mistakes; there is no doubt about that. I make fxxx ups on a weekly basis; things don’t always go to plan.But I have learned how to be SUPERCOOL with it emotionally, it does not pee me off like it used to so I am able to keep moving forward instead of dwelling on the past.I read once that the path to success only comes from the many failures you have to lay down and climb on to reach your goalThat statement is SOOOOOOO TrueIf you find yourself struggling to move a project forward due to fear of failure do it anyway. The only way to learn how to deal with failure is FAIL over and over again to a point where you become SUPERCOOL with it.Take action of the 4 points above and you'll enjoy your business building experience way more in 2017Nicky:-)

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