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The 3 Things Your Personal Training Clients Want But Aren't Telling You

Corey Loehr
October 24, 2017

The standard for what personal trainers' clients are expecting in their experience is shifting. The only problem? Theymay not tell you before they walk out the door. Not to worry, here's what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

Personal Training Clients want to know what to do between in-person training sessions.

Your clients come to you for your expertise in leading a healthy lifestyle. They get a great workout when they're in your facility. But what happens when they leave? This is where you have the opportunity to keep them engaged and add value beyond just the time you're working together, in person.Workout homework is just what the doctor ordered. With the right fitness tracking software, you can build custom workout programs in minutes, send them to your personal training clients, then save the programs as a template for ease of management later on. It saves you time, and because all your workouts are securely stored in the app, it's easy to stay organized. Most importantly, doing so will help you grow your relationships with clients.Sending workout homework to keep clients engaged between in-person training sessions is where you add value and give clients more for their money. The clients that are serious about their fitness goals will want to know what they can do when they're not with you. And by sending them customized programs and staying engaged, it makes them like they aren't going at it alone.

Personal training clients want to buy from you, again and again.

No, that's not a typo. But if you don't make yourself easy to buy from, you're leaving money on the table. Let's take the example of the client who is about to finish their first 10-pack. They're having a great time in your Saturday morning group exercise class, you can see progress, and your client is telling you how she hasn't felt this great in years.You mention at the end of the 9th session that there's only one more session on his package. "Would you like to reload your sessions?" You ask. "Oh, I do, but I left my wallet at home today since I jog to get here. I'll be sure and bring it next time. By next time, you expect next week. Well, next week turns into next month, which turns into a much longer unforeseen absence.What did you do wrong? Possibly nothing. But now you've lost out on what could have been a steady stream of income.A great way to combat these situations where clients and revenue slip through the cracks is to make sure your client's payment info is securely stored in an automated payment system. This makes it easy for clients to book new sessions on the spot and ensures you always get paid. Because let's face it, these situations are common - most people don't bring their wallets to the gym. With automated payment collection, it makes it much easier to retain clients, so you can focus on fitness.Plus, when it comes to your livelihood, you want to eliminate as many barriers as possible to you getting paid. Don't let something as silly like a wallet left at home be the reason why your revenue dips. Put a system into play that will allow you to keep cash flowing in with the click of a button.

Personal training clients want to know that you've got your eye on them AND their goals.

It's well established that the best way to accomplish your goals is to write them down. But if those goals go into a folder stuffed with other papers, your clients are only going to be able to see them when they're with you. Which doesn't help either of you. Goals are meant to be tracked - especially when it comes to fitness. It helps a client visualize their progress and it helps you adjust their workouts.But as any good personal trainer knows, most fitness goals can't be reached without living a healthy lifestyle. And once the client leaves the gym, they're essentially on their own. But the good news is, you can still play a role in their fitness outside of the gym. And in most cases, clients want you to.Think back to the organized sports you played in middle school, high school or even college. While you, of course, practiced hard on your own, you probably practiced the hardest when you knew your coach was watching. You sought their approval and their guidance. Your clients may not say it out loud, but they want to know that you're paying attention. They want to be pushed in the right direction!By sending your personal training clients messages and feedback on their "workout homework" you're not only keeping them motivated, you're also building rapport - and that is exactly what keeps clients coming back for more.It's the little things in life that make a difference. And with the right personal trainer software, you can make a big difference.