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Check it out: 5 hip home gyms

Tim Smith
April 28, 2015
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Rolling a treadmill over to the window used to be the epitome of style for a basic home gym, but today's workout enthusiast goes well beyond just finding an awesome view for their stationary exercises. Both big and small gyms are getting more hip, stylish and customized than ever before. Want to take a swim or sit in a sauna? Whatever you feel like, it's almost always possible with these ideas.Swimming, Anyone?Believe it: there is a gym inside this expansive pool area. Swimming is one of the best exercises for the body because of the minimal impacts on joints. This hip gym has all the basic weight-lifting and cardiovascular machines ready to go while offering a pristine pool for those hot days. The pool's design is meant for laps which can take up a lot of room. You can always splurge on one of those current-driven pools where you swim in place just like a treadmill, too.A Sauna ViewThis gym is actually behind the photographer because it's the view you want from the weight bench or cardio machine. Add a sauna to the gym to complete the workout cycle. Allow yourself to sweat out all the toxins from the day in the sauna or hit the stationary bike in the adjacent gym. Both of these elements work well together, especially if you have friends and family with different workout goals. Some people simply want to sit, sweat and watch others on the gym equipment.Work off those BBQ CaloriesA gym located right off the patio is a fantastic location because it keeps you aware of your health. Hang out at the barbeque then try some punches on the punching bag. This gym also encourages visitors to try out the equipment because of its proximity to the actual grill and seating area. They can even hit the cardio machines while watching TV. Making a healthy lifestyle part of daily routines is easy with this gym configuration.Massage TimeWhen you first glance at this gym, it's not entirely exciting with its minimalist appearance. However, you have a mixture of healthy items, including cardio machines, massage benches and sauna. Hit the sauna to warm up and take a stroll on the treadmill. Hire your own masseuse to help those sore muscles along the massage benches. Or even take turns massaging friends and family as everyone takes part in a healthy lifestyle. This gym is so wide open that you could add more elements for a complete design.Kickboxing FuryDo you realize all the calories burned when practicing kickboxing or other martial art? This Asian-inspired gym gets your blood boiling as you punch and kick all the random upright bags. Concentrate on one bag or create a routine pattern moving across the space. Matching this workout with some off-site classes is preferable, but you can always just punch away at a bag to rid yourself of stress.