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Top tips to naturally and frugally heal Rheumatoid Arthritis

Katrina Rice
March 27, 2017
rheumatoid arthritis hands 2

Rheumatoid arthritis is perhaps one of the most painful and disabling diseases that affects many people old and young nowadays. It is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that impacts the connective tissues of our joints. On severe cases, this disorder can require a lifelong effort of pharmacological management.This illness is usually diagnosed between the ages of 30 to 50, but it affects all age groups, including young adults. Usually associated with muscle waste and depression, managing rheumatoid arthritis can be both exhausting and expensive. For these reasons, many people look towards the alternative medicine and complementary treatments to get some relief.Here are some of the methods and natural therapies you can opt that have been proven to be safe and effective:Fish OilA standard diet of Americans contains low portions of omega-3 fish oil. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties which is said to help keep both acute and chronic inflammation at bay. You can get the amount of omega-3 your body needs by eating fatty fish (like salmon, mackerel, and sardines) at least three times a week.But most individuals are concerned that the fish they buy in their local market might be contaminated with mercury. A safer route would be taking dietary fish oil supplements.Turmeric CurcuminTurmeric has been used in traditional medicine for many centuries in Asia. In terms of its medicinal properties, turmeric in its powder form can improve digestion by stimulating the gallbladder to secrete more bile. When your digestion is improved in such a way, the bacteria in your gut stabilizes and improve your immune system.Curcumin, the potent biochemical component of turmeric is accountable for treating rheumatoid arthritis. One important note to remember is using turmeric in your daily food is not enough quantity to treat arthritis. Taking a turmeric dietary supplement is a better option as it has a concentrated amount of curcumin with more potency and it can immediately help alleviate the pain.Detoxing By FastingFasting can only bring a short-lived relief to patients with rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is effective considering that you’re purging out the toxins in your body that had caused the inflammation in the first place.Detoxing can help eliminate the food in your body that is perceived as allergens by your immune system. As soon as the detox is over, the relief may also come to an end. One way of prolonging it is by eating healthier and choosing a kind of diet that doesn’t involve too much sugar, carbohydrates and processed food.HydrotherapyIndividuals with rheumatoid arthritis tend to have tight muscles that contribute to their discomfort and pain. Taking warm baths can help ease the tension on these muscles and bring some relief. For joint pain, you can run cold water on the affected area, or use an ice pack to help numb it.Another method of hydrotherapy is by taking mineral baths. Individuals would need to get in a tub with mineral concentrates. Though this method hasn’t exactly been proven to be too effective, some people claim that they got some relief after taking such mineral baths.YogaYoga is a more relaxed form of physical activity. Aside from the mental wellness it can provide, it also helps with strength, grip and flexibility. Though there’s not many comprehensive studies on it, many people have lost weight and improved their wellbeing through yoga which impacts their rheumatoid arthritis by easing the pressure their joints can stand. Yoga can also help with anxiety and depression that many rheumatoid arthritis sufferers are experiencing.In conclusion, eating balanced meals and applying proper nutrition are keys in treating the symptoms of arthritis. Participating in physical activities can also help reduce the stress and manage your anxiety. As much as possible, try to communicate with your doctor on how to manage this disease so that you can learn about your options on how to address rheumatoid arthritis in a less stressful manner.

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