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The Complete Guide To A Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

Corey Loehr
December 8, 2019
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In order to promote your studio and grow your business, mobile marketing and gym digital marketing to your community and future prospects is mandatory. At this point, mobile usage has outpaced "fixed Internet access" worldwide serves as a crucial touchpoint in your business’s marketing initiatives. Text message marketing is a low-cost, high-return method that uses SMS messaging to deliver content or offers to your customers. Its relatively low starting cost and impressively high open rate make adopting this strategy into your marketing mix a no brainer. We’ve compiled seven of the most effective text message marketing tactics to help boost response and customer conversion rates:

Get permission

Play it by the book and only send text messages to people who have given you permission to do so. It’s important to remain compliant and adhere to local laws and CTIA recommendations, which protect consumers from unwanted solicitation. You can ask gym members to opt-in to receive text messages containing special offers, class updates, health tips, or other valuable information via an online form, contest entries, or asking them to text a particular keyword to a mobile number or shortcode.

Write clear messages

You have 160 characters to deliver your message. Make every word count and get to the point. Ensure your message clear, concise, free of any spelling errors, and written in plain English. Steer clear of abbreviations, emojis, and words in all caps. Open-ended messages are a no-go (Ex: 20% off on all protein powders!). Provide a specific date when the sale on your protein powders end to establish a sense of urgency for your customers, they’ll be more likely to take action because you’ve given them enough information and an incentive.

Use CTAs

Calls-to-action encourage customer engagement with your texts. Effective CTAs will result in customers placing value on the texts you send, reading them, interacting with them, and acting on them.Here are some notable call-to-actions:

  • “Show this text”: Ask your customers to show the text to your gym staff to redeem a discount on a class or product.
  • “Click here”: If you’re hosting an in-studio event, member appreciation party, free guest day, or another promotion but are strapped for space in your message, insert a “Click here” button to provide a link to the necessary details your customer will need to redeem your offer.
  • Text-to-Win: Offer your members a chance to win a prize or something special from your club. Asking them to text in order to enter the contest helps increase customers’ engagement. Text-to-Win campaigns are a great way to keep your gym at the top of your member’s mind.
  • Text-to-Vote: Engage customers in mobile polling to learn how your studio is performing in terms of service, product quality, prices, and more.

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Hone your timing

It takes people an average of three minutes to open messages. Customer’s responses to sales, promotions, and events promoted via text are most compelling when they’re last-minute impulses. For example, If you have a new studio location opening event on Friday night, send the message Friday afternoon. Avoid shooting off messages too early in the morning or at night. Acceptable hours are between 8am and 9pm.

Promote opt-in across all marketing materials

The best way to reel your members into opting in for text message offers is to make it available at every marketing touchpoint:

  • Social Media: Add a “Mobile Number” field to your Facebook page sign up and an “Opt-in” button for them to consent to being adding to your mobile messaging campaigns.
  • Website: Ensure text message opt-in is easy to locate on your website.
  • Newsletter: Include text message opt-in in your gym newsletter.
  • Point-of-sale: Make sure your staff are asking customers if they would be interested in opting in to receive texts for the latest promotions, events and sales.
  • Snail mail: When you send coupons or promotional mail through the post, include instructions for people to opt in for text message offers.

Focus on your VIP members

Your most valued members are loyal, provide feedback, and refer friends and family to your club. Identify this circle of members and dedicate extra time and resources to them. Use their knowledge to your advantage and send them more in-depth polling questions than your general membership base. Additionally, reward your VIPs with special offers and exclusive perks.

Measure what works

Text message marketing offers a direct, measurable, and trackable marketing channel. It helps you gauge which of your campaigns are a success and improve your messaging across all other media channels. The more time you spend honing your skills, the more positive interaction you will illicit from your community. Successful text message campaigns will help you learn more about where your business stands. Comprehensive analytics will empower you to set attainable goals and drawing a road map to scale your fitness business. How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

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