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Selling Yoga Packages: Planning Your Offers to Create Lifelong Members

Corey Loehr
August 22, 2018
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Yoga packages are a great way to bring in more revenue in a creative way. We all know pay-per-class packages are the traditional way to sell yoga. However, creating a membership program at your yoga studio is a great way to encourage customers to participate more often.Fuller classes will equate to more traffic, and more people talking about your studio... therefore they should always be your goal.Selling yoga packages that include deals, memberships, and other offers is a great way to get more people out to your studio and build lifelong members. Here's how to get started.

Make it your most profitable year yet

Simply doing the math to determine if you should switch over to membership or package based yoga classes will show you how much more money you can make in a year. For example, if you offer up membership or packaged classes at your studio with a 10% price increase of the cost of x amount of classes, you can factor in 10% more revenue each month based off of how many signups you’ll aim towards. Your packages are an opportunity to grow wealth and make it easier on the customer to visit your studio often. Keep this in mind when you detail out your offerings.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

Breaking out the deals

Starting to sell yoga packages doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s better if you keep things simple to start. Don’t startle long-time customers by switching over your entire business model. Introduce the packaged yoga classes as an added bonus or a way to save money. In the end, you’ll encourage higher turnout rates and may convince customers who only sometimes visit you to commit to their practice. Never forget that what you charge IS worth it. Don’t cut your sales in half just to offer packaged yoga classes. Your self-worth is highly important in showing customers you’re worth the price. These classes should offer them a specific, undeniable value in some way. Keep in mind you won't want to throw up a discount because you think that’s what you need to make sales.

Examples of yoga studio offers/packages

Not sure what types of yoga packages and offers you should aim to start selling? We’ve got a few examples of what works, and why.

Discounts per 3 classes

This gets a yogi that’s ready to get their feet wet excited to get to class. You don’t need to offer crazy discounts, but if your standard group classes run for $15 per class, consider giving a packaged discount of 3 classes for $25. It’ll encourage the customer to go to class because they've already committed. Bonus: you’ll be paid in advance for classes you haven’t even completed yet.

Bring a friend discounts

Simple as that! Offer a package deal that allows for people to bring a friend for free with a purchase of something else. This is an amazing way to spread the word about your studio and fill up otherwise empty class times.

Monthly memberships

Monthly memberships still ensure you’re paid up front, but will offer steeper discounts to the customer. These membership details may include an overall 15% discount, 20%, or 25%, or however you wish to advertise them. Offer a discount and those who are already contemplating joining will be more likely to commit.

Yearly memberships

Yearly memberships should offer your steepest discount in order to build a loyalty and make it challenging for the customer to decide how they’ll get the best value. It’s great to offer your yearly yoga memberships with an added bonus, like free towels and drinks, bring-a-friend discounts, and special offers.Keep track of your sales and measure them every month to make sure your offers don’t commoditize themselves. If business is slow, you’ll want to try a different approach – and yoga packages are a great way to switch things up.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

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