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Sell or be sold

July 26, 2017
Grant Cardone Sell or Be Sold 15 Commitments 2

I am re-listening to Grant Cardone's great book "Sell or Be Sold" on Audible.One of the best books I have read/listened to on sales (the other being Chet Holmes book "The Ultimate Sales Machine")If you haven't read either of them, then add them to your wishlist :-)Anyway back to the purpose of this post...I am finding real value in revisiting books I have read before. It's amazing how much more you absorb, the second or third times you go through a book.And case in point, Grant (we're buddies now I have listened to him for so long ;-) mentioned his tv show in which he fixes businesses and one business featured was a Golds Gym in New York State.For those of you with your own facilities, it's a great watch and to see how he simplified things and turned the business around was inspiring.Have a watch, take notes and let me know what GETAP stands for :-)