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Is your personal trainer or instructor a fitness professional?

Rowena Szeszeran-McEvoy
February 24, 2014
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Imagine if your GP or Physio rocked up late to the office, dressed in shorts and singlet, sweaty, smelly, chatting on a personal phone call, sucking on a protein shake or eating a rice-cake? Imagine if they did not have a booking system or professional receipts and they took your cash and put it in their sock? What if your GP did not screen you for past concerns and they wrote you some generic prescription at the same time they gossiped about the marriage troubles of another patient? When you ask for their qualifications, they are out-of date, no longer recognised or they had never completed them in the first place? How long do you think they would be allowed to practice medicine?Is your trainer acting as a professional in all areas of their business? Are they on time, well prepared for your session? Are they well groomed and dressed as a professional person who charges professional fees for a professional service? Is their business safe and secure because they have good business systems,secure banking, accounting and book-keeping, a comprehensive personal and business insurance policy, a fair cancellation policy-for both them and you? Are they an honest, non-gossiping, non criticising, positive person who genuinely cares about you and you can trust to keep what you share with them to themselves-if your trainer is telling you private things about their other clients, be sure they are sharing yours with otherclients!The western world is sicker, fatter, weaker and more energy zapped than at anytime in history. Coronary heart disease, Type II Diabetes,Obesity, Osteoporosis and depression are fast becoming “Out of control” and although drugs and medication are keeping us alive for longer, the quality of life, energy levels and productivity of western populations are falling drastically. Even your GP will agree, a regular exercise plan and a healthy, sensible, common sense eating plan will not only help to treat and cure a large percentage of our big medical challenges, it will PREVENT most!Your Fitness Professional has the answer to preventing, treating and even curing some of the biggest killer diseases, and they can certainly help you to lose weight, get fit, get strong and feel more self confident!! Please hold them accountable to taking their profession seriously-make sure they are qualified and professional. As “Fitness People” we have to become, “Fitness Professionals!!” We have to act, dress, speak, communicate, learn and continue to learn and educate ourselves as ALL true Professionals do!!If you are a FITNESS PROFESSIONAL, you will have the ultimate opportunity to have a career that makes a difference. You, as a superb Fitness Professional, have the opportunity to help treat, cure and most importantly, prevent heart disease, Type II Diabetes, Depression, Obesity, Osteoporosis and even most cancers! What an important career you could have! On top of this, think of the people you will help to feel good, look good, have better self-esteem and self-confidence and give energy and vitality which they never believed would be possible.

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