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Location, Decor: Why it Matters for Your Yoga Studio

Corey Loehr
August 16, 2018
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The experience behind a brand is everything.When you enter a movie theater, you are immediately excited by the dim lights, brightly colored movie posters on the wall, and the fresh smell of buttery popcorn. Walking into a coffee shop usually means big, comfy chairs, a quiet, studious atmosphere, and the smell of fresh beans.All of these experiences indicate a strong brand presence. This is what you’ll need to run a successful yoga studio – and deck out your yoga studio decor.Many elements of branding are incorporated in each aspect of building a strong company. You want to be instantly recognizable, with distinct elements unique to you. yA yoga studio decor likely coincides with clean, bright spaces and earthy design. Your studio should smell fresh and offer fresh water or diffuse oils to allow guests to relax upon entering. What else is necessary for starting a new yoga studio with a strong location and unique decor? We’ll show you.

Location matters

If your new yoga studio location is next to a liquor store, you’re sending the wrong message to your customers. Try and keep things healthy, fresh, and bright. Your location should also be in a well-populated area so passersby notice you. It shouldn’t, however, be next door to similar fitness boutiques. You’ll make things much harder on yourself if your competition is literally across the street! Similarly, if you sit in your to-be studio and can hear cars honking, or lots of street traffic, it might not be the most serene and relaxing experience for your guests.Invest in a sign that shows your well-designed logo and you’ll do yourself a huge favor in marketing to new customers. Parking should be kept in mind – it’s an added bonus and simply makes things easier on customers.Aside from finding the perfect community and location, keep in mind you’ll want to choose a studio with an open, airy area to practice and lots of natural sunlight. While basements might be more affordable, it won’t set the mood and allow for sunrises or sunsets to be fully enjoyed by your customers.Hardwood floors will also be a factor. Try to steer clear of practicing on anything like carpet or concrete as it’s unforgiving or unsanitary. Hardwood allows for mats to stick and is easy to clean and maintain.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

Yoga studio decor tips

When starting from the ground up, you don’t need to go all out in creating your yoga studio. The important factors are lighting, mirrors, floors, and walls.Lighting options should steer clear from fluorescent fixtures and instead opt for something softer. While natural lighting is best, candles (or fake candles) also are an amazing way to set the mood for some decompression. Mirrors for your yoga studio are important and may end up being one of your higher expenses. Just like in a gym, mirrors are meant to check form. You won’t need mirrors on all of your walls as then it invites distraction. Just be sure your instructors still properly check technique throughout the class regardless.Yoga flooring is best when using hardwood. Laminate floors will work, and along with cork and bamboo. But if your new potential studio has thousands of dollars worth of carpet gutting to be done… consider other options.Decorating your yoga studio is best when keeping a solid color theme comprised of a maximum of 3 colors. You are still trying to set a mindful, calm mood once guests walk into your studio. If you’re able to, match your bolsters, blocks, and spare mats to this color theme. Keep walls free of clutter and decorate inexpensively with plants and second-hand art. Even better: invite local designers and artists to help you create your yoga studio vision. Envision the dream, feeling, and vibe you want to create at your yoga studio. It doesn’t have to be expensive, daunting, or take years, either. Simple and efficient upgrades that reflect your ethos are a great start to figuring out your yoga studio decor and building the business you know you’ll love to own.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.