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How to save your gym money and time with lapsed trial re-engagement automations

Corey Loehr
September 6, 2022
How to save gym time money lapsed trial engagement automations

Free trials are a common way for fitness businesses to attract and establish qualified contacts for prospective members. Whether booked through your website or requested directly, these trials provide you with a golden chance at a new client; prospects that have broken down boundaries and want to learn more about your business are as good as they come. This is the time to winback marketing using automated flows.

But if you don't plan your trial session through a well-honed business process, you'll see customers floating through your facilities and leaving without signing up once your trial ends.

Attracting new consumers is one thing; offering a great experience that keeps them coming back is quite another.

Here’s one way to convert a lapsed trial into a returning customer.

What does a lapsed trial look like?

A lapsed trial refers to  a person who has allowed their free trial period for a product or service - in this case, a gym membership - to expire without renewing it. These potential customers have some interest in the services and products that are offered by your company, but they do not yet feel ready to purchase. A common pattern of a lapsed trial is that it begins with interest and ends with inactivity. 

So, every lapsed trial is indeed a potential customer who has the most chance of becoming a paying member, but, at the key moment, they disconnect. You can convert a lapsed trial into a recurring customer by using automated flows and re-engage with them.

Why do lapsed trials happen?

Lapsed trials happen when potential clients have interest but little or no motivation to convert into a sale. The reasons for their inaction range from pricing, alternative solutions, or unpleasant experiences, among other factors.

Identifying lapsed clients and addressing their concerns is critical since it allows the business to engage with them more effectively and ensure that they become customers.

The importance of feedback when re-engaging your lapsed trials

A lapsed trial is not the same as a lost customer. They may not have converted the first time, but it does not mean they will not convert in the future. Re-engaging lapsed leads in a reasonable timeframe enables you to strengthen client loyalty and extend the commercial relationship.

However, this process is both a risk and an opportunity.

The risk of re-engaging with a lapsed trial is that they may have experienced something they don’t like. This might tarnish their opinion of the company, making them unlikely to come back without swift intervention.

Even if people unsubscribe, feedback is an important part of marketing. You can try to winback marketing using automated flows. Seeking feedback from customers to upgrade their interest can assist you in determining their needs, improving your services, and gaining a better understanding of the operational picture.

You can then use this feedback to deliver relevant training exercises and recommend classes that match their wants and needs so that their engagement with you increases.

This is the most effective technique you can use to identify flaws in your trial marketing strategy.

By soliciting feedback, your sales team can learn what clients enjoy and dislike about their interactions with your fitness business. That is the foundation for an increase in service quality, retention, and re-attraction of clients in the most efficient way possible.

How marketing automation can help you re-engage with your lapsed trial

Today’s highly competitive market requires you to speed up your business process and deliver high-quality products that can solve your customers' problems. Marketing automation can streamline re-engagement and save your time and money.

Marketing automation software uses pre-collected customer data, including contact information such as email, to establish a multi-channel approach. For example, your automation may include email campaigns, SMS, or in-app messages to help you stay on top of your customers’ needs.

Marketing automation helps you re-engage with your lapsed trials by targeting inactive customers, analyzing behavior, and customizing flows to match their unique situations.

Winback marketing using automated flows with Hapana

Wondering how to winback marketing using automated flows? With an effective marketing strategy, every activity you do and action you take leads toward helping your customers solve their problems. Hapana provides you with the end-to-end solution for fitness studios that want to dive into engagement and growth.

Hapana can make sure that your customers remember your brand by providing them with scheduled sporty exercises, tips for healthy and balanced habits, and ways to maintain their healthy lifestyles, gently reminding them to return to your fitness studios and continue their training course.

Make data work for your sales team

Data analysis helps you predict your customers’ behavior and winback marketing using automated flows. This is essential to your marketing strategy because it helps your company learn what satisfies customers when using your services and what you can do to improve their experiences.

You can re-engage other inactive customers who have the same interests and habits more easily and effectively. 

Thanks to Hapana’s automation marketing, you can winback marketing using automated flows and track your customer flows to see the real-time increase in your conversion rate.

All these seemingly small features add up to help your studio maximize its retention and fuel the continued growth of your business.

Care about re-engagement, don’t push retention

All people who use your service are your potential customers, even those who let their trials lapse. Don’t be afraid to re-engage and let Hapana open up potential leads to winback marketing using automated flows.