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Holiday myths exposed

Michelle Toocaram
December 23, 2013
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Does pigging out stretch my stomach?Your stomach is very stretchy and can handle the occasional large meal. However do this regularly and it will remain out of shape and hamper digestion. Grazers rather than gorgers live longer and have less digestive problems!Should I drink milk before alcohol to line my stomach?Milk is the number one allergen (and many of us are not aware of our intolerances) so it could make you feel worse. Instead, eat some healthy carbs before going out. If you are running late eat a large banana. Drink lots of water before and after every glass of alcohol and drink slowly. To prevent a hangover also take 2g of vitamin C and a heaped teaspoonful of glutamine powder before bed. Do the same on rising and take B complex vitamins (ideally in a liquid form) with a nutritious breakfast.If I eat all my chocolate in one sitting will I put on less weight?There is an element of truth in this as you will gain less weight from one day of overdoing it to a steady stream of excess. You might not feel so good though...Is a water fast the quickest way to detox after the holidays?Certainly quick but probably painful and potentially dangerous. Instead, as well as drinking plenty of water try eating a healthy diet with plenty of raw fruit and vegetables for a safe and gentle detox.Michelle is a practicing nutritionist. Michelle’s specialities include fertility treatments,weight loss, skin problems and supporting patients with cancer through their chemotherapy, radiation and any hormone treatment plus optimising their diet and lifestyle going forward to prevent reoccurence. She can be contacted at

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