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Gym sales SMS: how to win more members with an engagement channel that has a 70% open rate

Corey Loehr
January 3, 2022
gym sales sms

People have many ways and options to exercise and work out, such as using home equipment. As a gym owner, it is understandable if you feel anxious and concerned sometimes. Gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers have a lot of competition. Therefore, stay ahead of your competitors with gym sales SMS.

In addition to competing with each other, gyms also compete with other unexpected options like the YMCA, home equipment, and CrossFit, which have gained popularity in recent years.

So, how do you get more people in the door and retain old ones? Imagine this scenario: you would like to schedule an appointment with your preferred personal trainer. The gym where they work says you may book through text, phone, or email. Which option would you choose? Probably gym sales SMS.

According to recent stats from ZipWhip, 67% of clients prefer to manage and schedule appointments via text messages or SMS rather than email or phone. This number reflects the power and importance of direct, real-time communication, which has become particularly apparent during the COVID-19 health pandemic worldwide. Hence, gym sales SMS is an effective option.

There are many different marketing strategies you can leverage to attract and retain gym members. However, if you are looking for an engaging strategy that is easy to get started with, try gym sales SMS marketing. 

Why you should use gym sales SMS marketing as an engagement channel

SMS, also known as text message marketing, is well known for its high open and click-through rates. With the right messaging and appropriate target audience, you can win more members and boost your gym success.

If you have never tried SMS marketing, it may seem odd to text a prospective customer. However, as the owner and operator of a gym or fitness center, you will be happy to know that 98% of all texts are read, and up to 45% of people reply to branded text messages they receive. With the right message, you can create a positive impression and grow your gym membership.

SMS marketing tips for gyms and fitness clubs

If you own or manage a gym, you likely understand the importance of keeping your customers motivated, especially during the holiday season. 

For example, during Christmas time, many people fall off the bandwagon when it comes to eating healthy and exercising.

SMS messaging can be very efficient and effective for gyms. By sending daily or weekly motivational messages, you could stick in the minds of your potential clients.

Follow-up with prospective members through gym sales SMS

Your text message or SMS marketing campaign will offer you a comprehensive list of potential gym members. Some might join your gym for a trial period and let their membership lapse. Others may have signed up but never visited your fitness center.

You can easily convert this pool of interested prospects into active members by sending follow-up messages to these potential members. 

However, the messages you decide to send as a follow-up must be carefully constructed. Consider enticing potential gym members with something valuable, such as another offer or even a discounted membership.

Increase member engagement with personalization gym sales SMS

Clients like to feel heard and seen, and 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase, such as a gym membership, following a personalized experience. So, how can you personalize your texts?

Start by addressing potential members by name. This personal touch allows future members to feel like they’re receiving individualized attention.

Send promotional offers

As the owner or operator of a gym, you should use promotional offers whenever possible. From free gym swag to discounted classes, promotions will attract new members and keep them happy. Consider offering t-shirts or sweatpants to the first 100 members to renew their contracts or host a bring-a-friend promotion where friends can work out for free. 

You can use SMS marketing to promote special offers and promotions to potential and existing members. Potential or lapsed members may appreciate knowing that you offer special deals on memberships should they wish to rejoin. And this can be a compelling strategy just before summer or at New Year when people are most serious about getting healthy.

Launch a refer-a-friend promotion

Your existing members are the best ambassadors for your gym. They already know and understand the compelling reasons for joining your gym or fitness center. 

Consider giving them more incentive to promote your gym or health center to their family, friends, and professional network.

You can easily do this by creating an engaging and compelling refer-a-friend promotion and sharing valuable information via your text campaign. A well-crafted and thought-out promotion will increase your membership numbers and simultaneously reward your current members. 

Increase brand awareness

Another way to win more members is to boost brand awareness through SMS marketing. It is important to be consistent and show your potential members that you’re serious about creating a long-term relationship with them.

Send encouraging SMS messages to keep gym members coming back

Did you know that gym member retention programs are a major growth driver and can help you win back old members? You likely know that gym members tend to get discouraged, busy, or lethargic and put the gym on the back burner. 

You can help combat this pattern by sending encouraging and motivational texts that invite members to come back. Try telling them about an upcoming event or class or remind them about their health and fitness goals.

Early bird discount for new classes

The beginning of a new class is usually the best time to target a broader segment of society. Keep in mind that promoting deals through word of mouth isn’t enough. You should use SMS marketing to provide early-bird discounts or coupons for new classes.

Bottom line

SMS marketing is valuable as it can build a rapport with prospects and members, leading to personal interaction and conversion. By clearly and carefully segmenting your target audience and providing relevant messaging, you will be able to accomplish your goals of more members and increased revenue.

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