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Gym Marketing: What's working in 2023?

Angharad Saynor
April 6, 2023
Gym Marketing 2023 1|Gym Marketing 2023

A killer gym digital marketing strategy can do wonders for any business. And gyms or fitness centers are not an exception. From increasing exposure, driving sales, engaging and targeting the audience to positioning your brand as an authority in the industry, it can do everything.

Gym Marketing- What Is Working in 2023

When you share content or create your brand’s profile, you tend to humanize your business. You can engage your audience with every post. However, you can attract and engage more people by showcasing the personality of your brand. For that, you need to use digital marketing strategies that are more authentic and human. 

Here is a breakdown of some fantastic digital marketing trends that are here to stay in 2023.

TikTok Reels for Gym Marketing

One billion active users are not something to ignore!

Talk about the overnight success and quote TikTok. There is no better example of a “swift hit” than this popular social media app. 

TikTok has become a sensation among all video-sharing platforms. It burst onto the global scene in 2017 and soon started racking up tons of adoption figures. Within months, the app made competitors weeping onto their keyboards.

TikTok took over the social media landscape and secured a third position among the top five most downloaded apps in the world. After a year, the social media platform becomes number one by outperforming its rival “WhatsApp” with its 250 million downloads.

Today, TikTok is the most popular application in app stores compared to other social media platforms. The app is expected to cross 834.3 million in 2023.

All you need is to create a video of your fitness brand and allow it to optimize by adding lots of hashtags. Your followers can find it via keywords. Sift through popular hashtags or respond to a challenge, the unique app has unique ways to market your content for the fitness freaks. 


Instagram is another powerful social media platform of the current era; especially popular among fitness enthusiasts. The marketing channel is great for paid advertising and content marketing.With an amazing ability to drive engagement, Instagram gives a good average return on the marketers’ investments, agencies, and brands. This one-of-its-kind social media platform has grown exponentially since its launch. 

In eight years, it has shown amazing growth as you can see plenty of gyms, personal trainers, and fitness centers promoting their brands. This Facebook-owned video and photo-sharing app is a must-have that ranks more than 1 billion users.

This figure is very impressive, especially when you see it from a marketing angle. Did you know each posted image on Instagram gets approximately 34 percent more engagement than Facebook?

It means you can now access a large audience worldwide anytime, anywhere. The social media marketing platform allows you to engage with a dedicated audience and bring opportunities to improve Ad Spending by Format. The channels receive more than four billion likes per day. 


Did you know more than 83 percent of high-schoolers and college students use Snapchat?

If you’re a fitness brand looking for some great gym digital marketing ideas to target millennials, there is no way you can ignore Snapchat. You can target the market for its desire to stay fit, and in shape on this platform. 

It allows you to reach out to the lucrative market. All it needs is a good testimonial to bring your brand a wave of training requests. You can even encourage them to bring friends, and convert more groups into small group training teams.

Snapchat works best as a vehicle to keep people up to date on what's happening right now at your facility. It's not a great tool for documenting historical events, milestones or other memorable items. Use Snapchat to promote limited-time events that encourage people to come in for fear of missing out on the event. Live events have inherent value to them because if you miss one, it's gone. After the last few years of lockdowns and reduced social activity, people are keen to jump on to live events from the comfort of their back yards or living rooms.

Social Media - Gym Digital Marketing With Memes 

Meme marketing for gyms has become a powerful game in the world of social media marketing. Regardless of the platform you opt for; escaping the memes isn’t possible in 2023. The memes typically use images, jokes, and interesting catchphrases. You can use meme marketing to your advantage by posting tasteful, non-offensive memes that are topical.

Humor is a key component in building an online community and creating the culture that your gym needs to retain members long-term. When members can build positive relationships with other members, the likelihood of them staying members longer increases, which is valuable to your bottom line.

Though memes comprise simple content, they can create a big impact. Plus, they have a good potential to go viral, increasing exposure for your fitness brand.


Whether you‘re new in the fitness industry or a seasoned one, Facebook is still one of the tried and tested platforms for gym digital marketing. Specifically, you can benefit from Facebook advertising which is a hyper-targeted way to let people find out about your fitness studio. Facebook Groups are very popular for building the aforementioned community. Facebook does much of the heavy lifting for you too. Their advanced notifications mean they will get updates you post to your group members and encourage engagement for you. Email marketing doesn't offer the same kind of benefits as community marketing does.

Facebook ads are getting more expensive, but their advanced targeting mmore cost-effective compared to other traditional outlets. This is perhaps one reason why more than 68 percent of brands in the fitness industry rely on Facebook advertising to promote the business.

Marketing through Paid Search

Google Adwords for Gym Digital Marketing

How about investing in an advertising campaign to market your fitness brand?

Google ads are the new normal for reaching out to potential clients in 2022. Online advertising tools can help your fitness studio attract people looking for gyms and fitness centers.

Local SEO

Thinking whether SEO is worth the money or time for marketing your brand?

Know that SEO helps businesses drive organic traffic to their websites by ranking them appropriately on Google or other search engines. But if you want SEO to enhance your bottom line, your fitness brand website must handle its organic traffic to funnel it to sell. Once you know how to use SEO for marketing, it;

  • Provides an opportunity to increase traffic
  • Leverages mobile searches 
  • Offers a way to stay in the competition
  • Improves credibility through a high search engine ranking

Summing Up

The given gym digital marketing trends are great to reach out to the target audience and convert them into potential clients. Make sure you seek the assistance of professional gym digital marketing firms such as Hapana to leverage the power of digital marketing and make your brand stand out.

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