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Grow your fitness business, lesson #6: give away free or discounted trials

Corey Loehr
May 27, 2015
Free trial fitness business 2

One of the easiest ways to capture a lead for your fitness business is by offering a taste of what you do for free or at a discount. We know that you’re probably thinking “why would I spend my time working for free?”. Great question.Here’s why we think it may help you:When people feel that they don’t have to commit too much of themselves to try something that will add value to their lives, most people are keen to give it a shot.

Offer a free trial to increase the leads for your fitness business

Perhaps start off with a free invite to a workout group that you are already running (no loss of income to you) or offer a brief 1 on 1 goal setting and fitness assessment session? Whatever it is, if it adds value without any risk on their part, people will be very likely to come and will be much easier to convert afterwards (provided that they enjoyed it!). Exercise: Think of 3 freebies or trial options to offer prospective clients that would suit your business. Trial it for 2 weeks with new leads and judge its effectiveness.Note: this advice doesn’t work for everyone. Only you know what is the best way to run your business and you must always trust your own individual instincts first.Read on for lesson #7→