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Flaxseeds reduce blood pressure

Michelle Toocaram
May 12, 2014
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More good new about flaxseeds (also called linseeds)!Researchers from University Hospital, Holguin City, Cuba found that flaxseeds reduced blood pressure in a study of 110 patients with raised blood pressure. After 6 months the flaxseed group saw a fall of 10mmHg in their systolic pressure ( the top number) and 7mmHg in their diastolic levels ( bottom number). Dr Delfin Rodriguez added that this could lead to a reduction in stroke risk by 50% and heart attack risk by 30%. He is continuing the study for a further 6 months to assess the impact more fully. ( American Heart Association 2012 Scientific Sessions Nov 5 2012).This is interesting as there has been a number of studies previously that showed no benefit. The difference is that the new study used ground not whole flaxseeds (which would have passed through the gut largely undigested) and that this study is larger, used participants with raised rather than normal blood pressure and continued for a longer period.So as well as balancing hormones, boosting immunity,balance blood sugar,improving digestion, reducing cholesterol in men you can now reduce your blood pressure with these tasty little seeds. Note that they should be ground fresh on a regular basis (say 2-3 weeks supply) and kept in the fridge for maximum benefit.This article was shared with the author's written permission and represents the author's original work.

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