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Fitness Studio Reporting: The Importance of Tracking Member Demographics

Corey Loehr
April 4, 2019
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Knowing your customer base is important when running any business. This is especially true for fitness studio owners as its success is membership driven. Gym digital marketing and demographics are key to having an edge on your competition. It helps you better serve your members and enables you to make important business decisions. While there are several demographics to consider, the following metrics are essential.

All Clients

Client management is important. A detailed list of all clients helps you learn more about your client audience. Is there a certain area or zip code in which the majority of your members live? What age range and gender makes up the majority of your membership base? How can you capitalize on that information? This can allow you to recreate similar audiences to target for marketing purposes in the future. You can also use this if you wanted to create email or mailing lists to disperse information or do a promotion for your members.

Gender and Age Group

This report can help you dive deeper into the demographics of your membership base. Knowing what current audience you are primarily serving can help improve advertising efforts. One common approach is to use this data to create similar audiences to target since you know it is working well for your members with commonalities. Another approach is to identify entire audiences that you may be missing with this information. For example, if you have females ages 21-45 that make up the most of your members who attend in the evening, perhaps you can create a matinee class targeted to an older audience with retirees.

Geographical Client Distribution

With this feature, you can review a map of where all your clients currently live. This is crucial information. Are there certain neighborhoods that make up the majority of your clientele? If so, how can you capitalize on this information? Perhaps you can perform some kind of outreach to the neighbors who have not yet joined. You can also identify where convenient areas are located that you may have somehow missed in your previous marketing approaches. There may even be a certain reason you can identify and overcome if a residential area exists where few join your club.We understand change can be difficult. Book a demo and see for yourself what we have to offer. We built OneFitStop with you in mind as a fitness studio owner and want to help you automate operations, increase revenue, and nurture client relationships.

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