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Fitness instructor job interview questions: how to hire for culture first

Corey Loehr
July 23, 2018
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Determining the best fit for your fitness studio will come with preparing some awesome fitness instructor job interview questions. You’ll want to evaluate their experience, their fit in your studio, and their passion for health.Check out some of our favorite fitness job interview questions you can use in your upcoming interviews. They’ll show you who are some of the best candidates for the job, and save you time and hassle from hiring the wrong instructor.

Get their background, and double-check their references

Standardize your job interview with a legitimate check of their references and background. It’s important for new personal trainers and instructors to have proper credentials and certifications. Asking for a copy to have on hand of their completed instructor certifications is a great idea. You do not want to be caught hiring someone who isn’t properly trained to handle someone else’s fitness and overall health/safety.Checking on their references gives you an inside look to their personal life, previous jobs, and who they are in and out of the fitness center you own. Take references with a grain of salt, but don’t be afraid to ask them some of the questions you’ll eventually ask your new interviewee. If their references don’t apply to their experience as a fitness instructor, you’ll want to ask more about their personality and overall work ethic. It’s another simple step to learning about your interviewee early.

“What was your introduction to fitness?”

Get an idea of how your subject relates to fitness in their life. Did they play sports young? Did they consider how to start a gym? Have they led an active life since they were young? All of these questions will help you learn more about their experience in the gym. If you’re interviewing for a new class instructor, find out what some of their favorite parts of teaching are. You’ll want to use these introductory questions to make sure the person has experience, passion, and has a healthy relationship with working out.

“What are your career goals?”

If your new instructor is only passing the time training people and doesn’t eventually want something greater to do with fitness, they might not be the best fit. Finding out what their path is will show you how passionate they are, how hard they intend to work, and if you can offer the right job. Ask this question to determine if the candidate will excite people about fitness at your studio and if they’re in it for the long haul.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

“How would you design a program/class for __?”

Get specific in how they’d create a special program, class, or routine at your fitness studio. Give them some guidelines: what would they do if the majority of the class was over 50? How would they train someone rehabbing from a twisted ankle? What’s the best way to get high turnout for an awkwardly-timed class?Being a fitness instructor has a lot to do with thinking on the fly, and figuring out how to start a gym and make fitness fun for those who aren’t as obsessed as we are. Learn the inner-workings of their brain, and find out how they’d make their classes. If they offer up something that you hadn’t thought of before and are impressed by, they could be an awesome member to bring on board.

“How do you encourage clients to meet/exceed their goals?”

If you hire someone who is genuinely invested in success, they won’t settle with clients who miss the mark. Ask about direct circumstances in which the interviewee had to push a client to take their fitness more seriously.If the new hire is able to encourage clients to meet goals, make a better mile-run time, lose weight and gain muscle, you’ll have amazing client feedback and some hard numbers to back your fitness center’s initiatives.If your potential hire has some awesome plans, take note of them and show them you’re serious about creating fitness goals. People will respond well to you showing them you care to learn more about their plans. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

“What makes you the best candidate for this job?”

Hear from the potential hire directly on why they think they’re awesome. Your candidates may have some qualities you haven't discussed yet. They may tell you about an experience they handled with ease, or a time they struggled and made it work. Finding out why they find themselves valuable is the best way to find out what they love about themselves. It’s also a good idea to ask about some of the areas they’d wish to improve while working with you.Hiring a new fitness instructor at your facility can be overwhelming. The questions and selection process will take time but are worth it to end up with someone who embodies your gym's personality.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.