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Emotional eating series: how I conquered binge eating

Rebecca W
May 5, 2014
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I’ve been thinking lately and I want to start making a change or a difference somewhere and somehow; because I’m fed up with all these gorgeous girls asking me what they can do to get rid of this fat, and “oh does this skinny tea detox work?” I smile and nod, but what really want to do is tell them to shut it. Yup, brutal.Maybe I’m feeling sensitive at the moment?Anyways, this is not a negative post- if anything, this is a kick ass post about how I exterminated my life of emotional eating. I should start by saying that because of my eating issues, I will always live with these in someway- I’m just hoping that way stays insignificant.I’ve blogged before about the many different stages of my eating issues, but here’s a quick recap:▪ I started my journey as a chubby happy girl who ate whatever and drank whatever I wanted with minimal exercise. I decided to change things and began losing weight thanks to exercise and sensible eating.▪ The perfectionist in me came out- I restricted, calorie counted and was oh so hard on myself. I got too skinny and became unhealthy. I loved it and wanted more. It took over my life and put ALOT of strain on all my relationships.▪ I did a half ass attempt at fixing things but became stuck on a number and nothing would change. I was in limbo.▪ Suddenly I lost all control and started regularly bingeing and emotional eating due to a sickly combination of dealing with negative feelings, hating myself and a super hungry body that wanted more food. I started taking St John’s Wort (and still do), saw a therapist, gained weight, felt really devastated a lot of the time, spent days on end crying, took laxatives.▪ Only then when I started to overeat (I was fine with undereating but overeating was something I couldn’t live with apparently) did I really commit to getting rid of it all.▪ A long journey- I grew confidence, I grew bigger (healthier!), I moved away from my ED and I still occasionally binged- but I learned to accept it and move on. * A big turning point was accepting binges and moving on*.That brings us to now.I haven’t binged in forever- my first day home after hardly eating disgusting plane food (anyone else hate it?) I overate because I was so hungry- but it was no biggy. I even went through a stage of losing my appetite and finding food possibly the most boring thing ever (I think that was a combo of my body adapting to a schedule after break and anxiety/stress of everything). Right at this very moment, I still get stressed (I mean I am moving house, becoming independent, graduating from/finishing my education degree, becoming a certified PT, dealing with constant injuries and teaching a bazillion classes) but food is no longer my answer. It’s not the solution to anything. I love food and always will be a ‘foodie’. I hardly get cravings oddly (except milk lately!) and I love everything I eat.I don’t think people are judging me less (if they ever were?), but I’m judging myself less. I’m not cured (if that’s even the right word for it)…because well I can’t even get on the scale yet, but I’m not suffering emotional eating. This is just one feat- to be honest I don’t really eat fun food but I don’t ever really feel like it; or when I do, laziness usually wins. Would I be okay with eating fun food? Well I’d like to think so but who knows. Maybe that’s my next feat? Total acceptance of all food?But if I can conquer emotional eating I know I can work on other aspects of my eating issues; and hey, you can too! If you have any queries please feel free to comment below.What are your thoughts?What have you recently conquered?Do you have issues with emotional eating?This article has been shared with the author's written permission. This article appeared first on

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