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Don't let a fall get you down

Billy Goco
June 10, 2014
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Never let your mistakes bring you down. They say experience is the best teacher and we can learn from our mistakes. Remember that there is always a second chance – another chance to improve, to do better and to succeed.If you are looking for inspiration, just take a look at this soccer player from The Maldives, Ashad Ali Adubarey. He had a chance to score a goal for his team with a penalty kick – a one on one match between him and the goalkeeper. While running towards the ball, he slips and loses his momentum. But that did not stop him. He quickly got up and continued a few more steps toward the ball. He proceeded to kick, and scored a goal to beat Afghanistan. Some reporters say that he intentionally feigned the fall, but take a look at the video for yourself to see if it was a fumble or a fake.The point is that, even after such a bad fall, we can always get up and try harder. Do not let your fall bring you down.This article was shared with the author's written permission. The article originally appeared on