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Biodynamic workout: 3 day split program template

Andrew Boxer
July 15, 2014
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Here is a solid 3 day split exercise program template for biodynamic workout.This has been designed to train each body part in a specific order to get the best results. Also don’t forget to change your program every 6-8 weeks to keep your body guessing. Also see the ‘notes’ section below. For any further questions, feel free to send an email or contact via my OneFitStop profile and we’ll be happy to assist.LEGS AND SHOULDERS:LEGS

  • Back squat BB- Make sure knees don’t come over your toes on the way down- this is a great way to keep ‘heel pressure’ and activate the correct muscle groups. Also maintain a straight back by keeping your chest puffed up like you’re a 12 year old girl trying to impress the boys!
  • Walking lunges DB- Keep your torso straight when you go up and down! Just think you’re torso is like a vertical pin being dropped; just straight up and down.
  • Leg extensions
  • Leg curls


  • Standing shoulder press BB- Rotating your elbows slightly forward helps activate your front shoulder a bit more. Lateral raises- Make sure your wrists and elbows are always parallel to the ground. its a common mistake that people’s elbows tend to drop. I always tell clients to imagine a ‘laser beam’ is shooting straight out of the elbow and you need to make sure that beam is always parallel to the ground and never hits it.
  • Reverse flys


  • Bench press BB- Make sure the bar touches your chest, and place the bar when the pec muscle finishes (normally slightly under peoples nipple line). Incline press (45º or slightly under)
  • Flys- A common mistake people do is articulate the elbow joint! (like on a bench press) The angle of the elbow should not change, it should remain 90º. The only joint that should move is the shoulder joint (and maybe the wrist at the apex of the exercise). Just imagine you’re giving someone a hug each rep!


  • Dips
  • Skull crushers
  • Tricep push downs


  • Sit ups- There is a difference between a sit up and a crunch- its worth a youtube! lol With a situp the chest should move more ‘up’ than than forward towards the knees.
  • Bridge/planks- Make sure everything is parallel; shoulders, hips, feet should all be inline (hips may be slightly raised).


  • Deadlift BB- Your hips and knees need to be moving at the same time! a common mistake is people lock their knees out and then pull all the weight with their back and lock their hips out. Your knees and hips should be straightened at the same time and not one after the other. Normally this occurs because peoples starting positions are too high and need to ‘drop their ass’ close to the ground. Also unless you’re lifting like 120 kg+ or have a back injury STOP WEARING A BELT! lol
  • Pull ups
  • Pullie row (narrow grip)- Pull with your back not your arms! Rotate your scapular and imagine you’re squeezing a pencil thats been placed in between your shoulder blades when you bring the weight back towards your belly button.
  • Bent over rows (wide grip)- Just make sure you’re at least 45º bent over or greater. the more vertical you are the more traps you’re targeting, the lower you are the more back/rhomboids.
  • Back extension


  • Standing bi curl BB- Don’t swing!
  • Preacher curl BB
  • Hammer curls DB

NOTESBB= BarbellDB= DumbbellAlways warm up for at least 5 mins before hand. Dynamic warm ups are the most beneficial. - Always cool down for at least 5 mins after. Stretching is great for this and keeps you flexible. - Check out BUILD YOUR OWN EXERCISE PROGRAM for a guide on reps and rest times to achieve your goals; whether its to increase strength, muscle mass or fitness. Stick with 3 sets for each exercise.This article was shared with the author's written permission. The thoughts represented are his/her own.

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