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80s spin and dance party to help burn calories

Kloe Sampson
April 23, 2014
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Last week I was given the opportunity to head over toVicious Cycle at Bondi Beach to try out one of the spin classes. It’s Sydney’s very first indoor cycling studio dedicated to purely that – so you really get a fantastic and intimate ride.I decided to head toVicious 80s, which is an incredible mix of fun 80s music and a sweaty spin workout. I adored the class. The owner Tanya took the time out to help us set up our bikes properly, and explain why it’s important. She also got to know a little about me and another blogger who were having our first ride there, which was lovely. It’s not often you get such a personalised experience like that at big gyms, and all throughout the class Tanya was able to focus on everyone individually, giving us encouragement and little tips along the way.Not only that, but there was an amazing scene painted on the wall in glow in the dark paint, and there were screens set up on stage with flashing fluoro words letting you exactly what we were doing then and there. Throw in some 80s classics, like ‘She’s A Maniac’ and ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ and you’ve got yourself one of the most enjoyable, but tough, cardio workouts you can get.You know what’s super refreshing? No contracts or joining fees, you just pay per ride. Love it! I’d definitely recommend checking the little studio out and prepare yourself for a party and a workout in one. Thanks for having me, Vicious Cycle, I had a great morning!Head over to theirwebsiteto book in your next spin class.This article was shared with the authors' permission and reflects the author's thoughts. All opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and do not represent the opinions of One Fit Stop. The original article can be found on Kloe's blog:

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