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7 Unlikely Ways to Market Your Yoga Studio

Corey Loehr
August 21, 2018
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You know that getting the word out is the first step in creating a successful yoga business; are you using the same old, tired methods that don’t appeal anymore, though?In order to market your yoga studio, you'll need to set a base of traditional strategies mixed with new. Marketing your yoga studio can be difficult in itself with a wider audience. Those interested in yoga are looking for something very specific from you. However, if you don’t take the steps to market your business to your niche audience, you’re missing out on vital business. Even if you’re a marketing wiz, we think we’ve got 7 new ways you can market your business that you’ve probably never thought of before.

1. Get outside your comfort zone

Building a brand up is already uncomfortable. However, marketing your new business won’t be successful if you don’t try something weird, or unusual to you. Utilizing new marketing techniques stand out to customers – and it makes them think that you’re really interested in gathering their attention.

Partner with unusual brands

Sometimes, working with brands that are different than your niche can seem contradictory. Yoga businesses should partner up with health brands and exercise studios, right? As long as you partner with brands that offer something that your customers would also enjoy, it doesn’t have to be necessarily in your field.For yoga studios, this could mean offering partnerships with local ethically-sourced clothing brands, art studios, or classes that could offer a sense of wholeness to your clients. Don’t say no to partnerships or forget to reach out to discuss collaborations because you don’t think it fits your niche; as long as a client would find benefit from working with the two of you, it’s a great match.

Say yes often

Your new mindset as a startup yoga studio should be a positive one. Reflect your ideals by saying yes often to new and exciting opportunities. Gaining exposure, showing strangers how awesome your new studio is, and simply expressing your beliefs goes further in person. People can create an emotional connection to a person they meet face-to-face more than one that emails them about a new offer at an unheard-of studio.

2. Don’t neglect LinkedIn

Because we’re talking about some of the less-likely marketing opportunities you can take as a yoga studio, we know you’re already on top of your social media game. Facebook and Instagram are a great way to show people an inside look into your studio. They’re also a no-brainer in marketing. LinkedIn, however, is gaining traction.Use LinkedIn for what it’s worth, at the most basic sense: create connections! Post your original content (we know you’ve got what it takes to write some amazing stuff) and interact with other businesses in the area. Having your page on LinkedIn also give those looking for you another chance to connect.

3. Be seen at live events

If you’re in an area that regularly has festivals, outdoor events, or hosts street fairs, go! Making your business stand out in person speaks volumes. Setting up an informational table with something small passersby can take with them will remind them of your business. Even offering coupons or specials at your booth will make you a popular stop to visit. Get seen at live events and reach an audience you may have never interacted with beforehand.Are local live events not a thing in your area yet? Create them! You’d be surprised at how often other businesses are simply looking for a way to spark awareness. Local outdoor spots like parks, restaurants, and schools are great places to create an event of your own. Go you.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

4. GoogleMaps is crucial

List your local business on GoogleMaps in 2018 is absolutely essential to be heard and known. Most people are Googling topics like, “closest __ to me” or “best __ in Houston”. Google will automatically list your business as an output… as long as you’ve registered your business and its address.Investing in a software that creates a public directory for you and your business is a smart way to make sure you’re not accidentally skipped over. Contact the experts at OneFitStop to learn more about studio management software that does the work for you.

5. Get in the comments

Being active in the comment section on your Facebook or Instagram page shows qualified leads that you’re always ready to share more information about your business. Generating more activity on your posts is always a good thing in SEO. Because comments can be positive or negative, it’s smart to have someone you trust will make a smart judgment on how to handle them. However, it’s best not to let them go unreplied!

Ask questions in your captions to get the comments flowing

Think about it: are you more likely to respond to a Facebook post that says “Our new restorative yoga class is from 5-6, stop by!” or, “We want to hear from you. Sound off in the comments the best time for a restorative yoga class.”As social media consumers, we’re more engaged on posts that ask a question, or encourage discussion in the comment fields.

Offer small rewards for sharing or commenting

You might have 500 followers – and that’s awesome. But combined, how many followers do your followers have? It’s a matter of leveraging the opportunity to be seen by some of their network we’re talking about here. Market your yoga studio by offering up small rewards for sharing a Facebook post, or commenting on your latest Instagram post. It's a small but resourceful way to gain traction.

6. Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live may be something you already utilize, but if not, it’s a great way to save some genuine content your viewers and customers would love. Hosting quick interviews with staff, clients, and guest professionals give viewers a chance to chime in and ask questions along with you. Setting up a Live while doing a daily morning stretch and meditation session allows for customers to schedule out time to be with you without stepping foot in your studio.

7. Initiate simple rewards programs

Rewards programs don’t have to cost you revenue, in fact, they should help you generate revenue. In your yoga studio, offering up simple programs are better than drawn out, unrealistic rewards. For example, implementing a program like “FREE class with every 20th visit” one encourages participation and offers up exactly what customers want out of you. Don’t find it necessary to send out free t-shirts, food, or other non-necessities. Give your visitors exactly what they want: yoga.Market your yoga studio by taking a unique approach and watch new leads flow. Unique marketing strategies for yoga studios offer yogis something different than the lone Facebook post, or radio advertisement. Try something different and see how it can generate new business for your studio.How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

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