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7 Reasons Why High Grow Fitness Studios are Switching to OneFitStop in 2021

Corey Loehr
June 26, 2019
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Having the type of software that best supports your fitness studio is crucial. You want user-friendly software that covers all of your needs in one stop, provides excellent support, doesn’t break the bank, and has all the features you want and need. Here are the top reasons why high growth fitness studios are switching to OneFitStop in 2019.

1. Painless Transition for Fitness Studios

The idea of better and more affordable software sounds like the dream! However, some studio owners avoid the switch and continue to deal with poor service and unreasonable fees simply because they think a conversion will be too stressful to deal with. At OneFitStop, it’s quite the opposite. In fact, the majority of our clients have switched from other software and found themselves to be very pleased that they did. We take care of everything behind the scenes while providing a painless transition to you. Therefore, your member’s billing continues uninterrupted while we show you and your team how easy our software is to use. No disruption occurs in your daily operations, and you end up with user-friendly software that benefits your team and your members.

2. Better Service to Fitness Studios

At OneFitStop, we specialize in studios. We work with spin, yoga, pilates, dance and martial arts studios every day, as well as gyms and fitness centers that can all benefit from OneFitStop’s dedicated software platform. We get the importance of smooth booking for classes, and offer well thought out features to make it a pleasant experience for your team and your members. The plethora of reporting options makes it easy for your team to track sales, operations, and retention stats in order to make the best possible improvements for your members -- both new and existing. Reports to analyze member demographics provide intelligent feedback to make the best decisions for your marketing efforts.

3. Better Service to Members

We get what members wants in the fitness world! This is why we strive to provide top notch service to your members and treat them like our own. We also listen to feedback. Because of this, we are constantly developing new features in our app and member platform. These allow us to stay on trend with cutting edge technology and a user-friendly experience.

4. More Affordable Pricing

At OneFitStop, we believe your software service shouldn’t break the bank. This is why we have affordable programs starting at $60/month. Fitness studios can appreciate a reasonable cost structure, because if you succeed, we succeed. We are vested in being your partner.

5. More Capabilities

We have carefully crafted all of the features offered in OneFitStop’s platform to include everything you need to succeed. The scheduling section allows you to choose from different view types, and provides a unified and informative calendar to display all classes, workshops, and appointments. Helpful features like editing with ease, repeating with drag and drop features, and multi-booking options for one client make our scheduling platform ideal. Client management allows for easy management of clients anywhere at anytime.

6. Support for High Growth

Our marketing tools encourage growth and make it simple to gain exposure. Most importantly, the efficiency provided through smooth operations frees up time, money, and energy. Because of this, you to focus on growing your business.

7. Truly one-stop for all needs

The ease of having one unified platform to meet all of your fitness business needs is unparalleled. Because OneFitStop provides an affordable, user-friendly system that allows you to automate systems, increase revenue, and nurture client relationships, your fitness studio succeeds. If you’re tired of old studio management software that’s constantly raising prices without increasing value, then talk to OneFitStop, where their modern fitness studio software platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of growing studio businesses.

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