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5 Wellness Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Corey Loehr
January 28, 2020
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As a business owner, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest fitness and wellness trends. Staying up to date on new innovations will help you craft strategic marketing campaigns, in-studio events, blog topics, and even exclusive promotions. The 2010s were a decade of high-intensity fitness trends and the rising popularity of restrictive diets. Technological innovations brought new and affordable health and wellness tracking gadgets to the marketplace. Furthermore, the new trends we’re seeing emerge for 2020 appear to be a direct response to these extreme fads. So, take a peek at the top five wellness trends we predict will take the new decade by storm:

Recovery-focused training

For years, we’ve focused on training hard and falling into exercise trends like cross fit, hot yoga, HIIT, etc. 2020 is shaping up to be the year of recovery. If you train at a high capacity for an extended period of time without an adequate recovery period, your risk for injury skyrockets. We’re seeing accessories like compression socks and braces trending. In addition, specialty recovery-focused studios with services like flotation therapy, cryotherapy, and recovery IVs are on the rise. Your business could invest in recovery equipment such as foam rollers. Also, you can offer recovery crash courses for your members to practice stretching exercises and massage techniques.

Planted-based dieting

You may have seen news of major fast-food chains adopting plant-based protein into their menus. We’ll continue to see a greater lean into plant-based options behind offered at restaurants and fast-food chains, a greater variety of meat-alternatives in supermarkets, and more homemade meals cooked with whole, plant-based foods. Now more than ever, consumers have access to the amazing benefits of plant-based living. With climate anxiety on the rise, plant-based diets are one of the biggest wellness trends going into 2020. You can incorporate sharing plant-based recipes into your club’s social media strategy, and display your plant-based products front and center.

Mental wellness

It’s no secret the topic of mental health and wellness is more or less a taboo subject in our society. However, thanks to sweeping awareness campaigns and people harnessing the power of social media to speak on their challenges with mental health, we’re seeing more of an emphasis on our minds being as healthy as our bodies. Encourage your club’s social media followers to a 30-day self-care challenge. Also, you can motivate your members with social media, email or text message reminders to take a break from their phones, meditate, drink water, and practice their own brand of self-care.

Online fitness

If your club hasn’t already started offering personalized training plans as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a fast emerging trend of 2020. Almost all online trainers offer one-on-one digital plans and coaching. However, now we’re seeing more subscription-based services where people pay a fixed monthly cost for access to five to seven workouts per week. We’re seeing a trend of fitness moving out of the gym and into the comfort of one’s own home. Your club can utilize a free social media platform like Youtube to host complimentary short video sessions. Additionally, the videos will help stay-at-home parents and those working from home utilize your services. Furthermore, you can take it further by inviting viewers to visit you in the studio for full-length sessions and a variety of services they can only take advantage of in your place of business.


The CBD industry has rapidly evolved in a short period of time and its properties are no longer exclusively being used for treating pain anymore. Many incorporate CBD balms and creams into their skincare routine. Additionally, people also use tinctures and gummies for sleep aids, relaxation, and de-stressing. CBD companies, products, and treatments will continue to rise in popularity in 2020. Furthermore, the popularity of CBD as a muscle recovery supplement has seeped into many fitness settings. Consider onboarding a few CBD balms that target recovery for members who are seeking a natural post-workout remedy.Facilitate and streamline your studio’s operations and customer relationship management with One Fit Stop. Try us out for free today!

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