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5 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand from Competitor Fitness Studios

Corey Loehr
November 6, 2017

According to Loud Rumor, retaining current customers is 6-7 times cheaper than acquiring new ones. However, ninety percent of fitness studios and gyms lose 30% – 50% of their members every year. But what is causing members to leave?Mostly, it's the availability of so many other health and fitness studios. The fitness studio market is highly competitive. With a new fitness facility on every corner, it can be challenging for studio owners to stand out against the masses.In an effort to help you retain members and keep them coming back for more, we've highlighted five ways for you to make your fitness studio brand sought after.

1. Highlight your Uniqueness

What makes your fitness studio unique? Are you known for your diverse class selection? Or do members flock to your fitness studio for your amazing yoga instructors? Regardless of what it is, it’s essential that your fitness studio be "known" for something. Your brand should be synonymous with your niche. When your potential client hears of your service (i.e. hot yoga, cycling, etc.), you want them to think of your studio. Always strive to create a welcoming, supportive fitness community that will help your members reach their goals.

2. Create an Exceptional First Impression

First impressions matter. Building a relationship goes far beyond reaching for new member referrals. If someone doesn’t have a great experience the first time they visit your fitness studio, that feeling will linger. Even worse, they may tell others about their bad experience.It’s essential to go above and beyond to make your clients first experience an exceptional one. From their initial greet at the door to touring your fitness studio’s amenities, every detail and interaction represents your brand. You want their first experience to be lasting positive impression.

3. Recruit Enthusiastic Fitness Studio Brand Ambassadors

As a fitness studio owner, you are probably very aware that your existing members are one of your most important sources for new business. Referrals are worth their weight in gold. Essentially, happy members promote your fitness studio for free because they love their experience. They want others to experience their fitness community.Member Tracker found that new members who join your fitness studio through a referral are more likely to stick around past the New Year’s rush or first few months of membership. Think of these stellar members as your brand ambassadors. They are ready and willing to tell others about their amazing experience at your fitness studio. Best of all, it’s free marketing!

4. Build Your Brand on Social Media

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users. Twitter reported they have reached over 330 million monthly active users Social media provides a powerful platform to help your fitness studio expand it’s reach, build brand awareness, and attract more members. The numbers don’t lie, people want to engage on social media with their friends, family and colleagues. Your studio needs to be tapping into this resource.More and more, millennials and athletes want to belong to a fitness community that shares their health and fitness goals. This fitness community goes far beyond the physical walls of your fitness studios and into the virtual world of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms provide an instant reach. Best of all, your “followers” share and promote your business for you!Social media allows you to share content, images, videos, and fitness studio promotions and challenges while simultaneously building your brand awareness. Your followers can even check-in to let other people know where all the fun is happening!

5. Find Your Fitness Cause

Community outreach not only gives back to your community but it gets your fitness studio name out there in a manner that doesn't scream "join now." Instead, getting behind a fitness cause helps to promote your fitness studio through a shared sense of community with a common goal (i.e. helping your cause). Being 'on the scene’ makes a great impression and there are plenty ways your fitness studio can become involved with your community. Consider sponsoring a local sports team, or have your members enter a team in the local marathon to fundraise for your favorite fitness cause. Most importantly, focus on fundraisers and events that resonate with your area of fitness expertise. Not only will this promote your brand in a positive and altruistic manner, but the networking will pay off. You’ll have new connections to call on when you organize your own event (i.e. sponsors or prizes). Plus, your fitness studio will be giving something back to the community and that's amazing in itself.Whether your goal is to retain current customers or attract new ones, you need to set your fitness studio apart from the competition. Are you interested in learning how strong business management and fitness tracking software can help to streamline your organizational processes, boost revenues and set your fitness studio apart within your fitness market? Contact the experts at OneFitStop to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.