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4 exciting outdoor winter mental health escape ideas for you and your team

Corey Loehr
January 13, 2023
Winter team building activities

Winter is upon us, which means we are spending more and more time indoors; it’s so cold that we don’t even dare step out in the freezing air and the sun seems to avoid us. We’re stocking up on vitamin D just to keep ourselves functioning for winter team building activities.

Still, Q1 is a busy time of the year. Even if you are part of a small team, you can’t afford to let yourself go into hibernation. You need to find your balance somehow. Here are some ideas for winter escapes and winter team building activities that can keep the mental health of your whole team up.

1.    Go ice skating, snowboarding, or skiing

If you have a ski slope nearby and you are passionate about winter sports, you can go for a team outing by taking your friends or colleagues and enjoy a day outdoors in the snow. Skating is also an option to burn some calories and get some fresh air if you know how to do it. If you aren’t an experienced skater, you can take some people with you and support each other.

These winter tean building activities can easily be turned into a weekend trip at a resort. The change of scenery along with the team building activities near you can be great to mental health. Studies show that skiers have a 60% lower chance of being diagnosed with anxiety disorders. This may be a sign to grab some gear and pick up this sport.

2.   Rent a cabin

Also renting a cabin is included in winter team building activities. You know that saying; if you can’t beat them, join them. When we rent cabins in the mountains, we picture fireplaces, warm socks, and hot cocoa. That being said, we cannot help ourselves from going outside during this kind of trip. The snow is often untouched, and the sight of snow-covered trees and lands is always awe-inspiring.

You can take your team on a mountain retreat  and enjoy some quiet time out of the office to build comradery and company bonding. This can easily help you recharge your batteries and return to your working routine well-rested. You can enjoy outdoor (and indoor) games while taking a rest from your daily routine.

3.   Have a snowball fight as winter team building activities

As children, we would always do fun challenges like snow fights with our friends and snows can be used for cool things to build, for example, snowman. Having a snowball fight with friends and colleagues is also considered as winter team building activities. It would give us the exercise that we needed, and without a doubt, we would always have huge smiles on our faces. Even as adults, it would do our mental health good to plan a day trip around a snow fight.

This may be a local “escape,” but it’s a fun one. You’d be surprised at how much it can do to help increase your energy levels. You can even choose a special location to hold the fight. This can be a natural reserve or a pretty park in your area.

Try to do so on a day when you get plenty of snow, and make sure to choose less populated areas. Busy downtown areas are often salted to prevent the cars from sliding, which gives the snow a dirty look. Choose a park instead, or a remote area where you can enjoy your day to your heart’s content.

4.   Go to the beach

We know what you are thinking: it’s the middle of winter, what’s the purpose of going to the beach now? You can’t even swim! Well, beach areas are known to be warmer, even during the cold season. As a great team, we can go to the beach areas and enjoy the weather and have some tea that can also be the winter team building activities. Plus, there is something mesmerizing and soothing about staring at a frozen beach.

If you book your trip at a resort, you will get the best of every world. For one, you may enjoy the day walks on the beach, as well as the change in scenery. Even without the sun shining on you, traveling to a different place triggers a release of dopamine in your brain. This will be good for your mental health.

If you have the funds and the possibilities, you might even decide to take the trip abroad. For example, when it’s winter in the United States, it’s summer in Australia. So, take out your passport and go enjoy some sunshine.

Winter team building activities: the bottom line

Even if it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you have to stay and hibernate in the house. Depending on your preferences, there are plenty of social activities for adults and many winter team building activities to do. Simply choose the one that suits you best and get out of your routine.