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2020 Is Here! How To Make The Best Of Your Systems In The New Year

Corey Loehr
January 8, 2020
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Ahh, the New Year is upon us! Old habits of 2019 are being dropped like flies, and 2020 is filled with fresh motivation and determination. This new year is also a new decade, filled with enthusiasm and commitment to new goals being met. You can practically smell the treadmills spinning. Whether you are a traditional gym or boutique studio owner, you have a chance to positively impact many lives in the first few months of the year. However, you only get one shot at a good first impression. Here’s how to make the best of your systems in the new year - ensuring your business leaves a positive impact.

Put the customer first. 

Is your purchase pathway customer-friendly? Great customer service is one of the quickest things to slip when ongoing training falls by the wayside. Take a hard look at your purchase pathway and make sure there are no snags in the process that could create an unpleasant experience for the customer.One example could be duplicate paperwork. Does your enrollment process require your members to fill out the same information more than once? This can be perceived as wasting someone’s time in this fast-paced society, so anywhere you can consolidate is helpful. Another example is the process in which you collect electronic signatures. For most personality types, you can simply ask them to sign and briefly explain what they are agreeing to. For some, blindly signing can make them feel like they’re being taken advantage of or misled.A simple solution is to print and laminate a copy for each section that is being asked to be signed. Having this readily available can ease any apprehension a member may have about e-signatures. And, of course, provide a printed or emailed copy of all signed paperwork to the member as well.

Make the most of your marketing tools.

When you strategize for your 2020 marketing plan, take a look at the biggest successes in the last year. Think back to the previous January, and where you could have done better to capitalize on traffic. Not only should you review what marketing approaches worked best, but how your follow up was and where you could improve in the first quarter of the new year. Having access to a wide variety of reports through your fitness software will allow you to review these metrics.

Perk up your new member folder. 

Whether you do an electronic welcome kit or a traditional member folder, new members love to have something tangible with their purchase. The more great things you can put together for them by becoming a member, the more exciting and memorable the joining experience will be. Imagine this -- your new member pays $50 to enroll, then walks away with a folder of an over $200 value.If you are wondering how to arrange this, it's simple. Just ask other business owners and managers. Especially if you have a busy gym or studio, you can go to every local business within a few miles or yours and ask for some perks for your new members. The pitch is simple. Explain that your business loves to help cross-promote other local businesses, and you get X amount of new members each month that could leave with their branding in hand. The more value they provide, the greater the chances are that they come in to redeem them. You want them to benefit from whatever is being provided as well. Furthermore, you can also offer every employee of this business a free week trial or a free class!

Use the best gym management software.

Even the slightest hiccup with your gym management software can cause major member concerns. Having great software in play is exceptionally important during the new year sales surge, as you want to ensure a smooth enrollment process for your new members. If you are not happy with your current software or simply think you could offer something better, don’t wait to make the change. Migrations can be completely painless, and nearly invisible to members. The sooner you start the process, the more you will get the chance to wow your members with excellent service and smooth systems. For example, offering the option to book appointments via your website or branded app can ensure a technology-forward, user-friendly experience for your members.

Never stop training!

The final step of making the best of your systems in the new year is ensuring your team knows how to maximize the use of all your systems. Whether it be a member check-in, a simple water purchase, a first-time visitor process, the entire enrollment process, or welcoming a new class attendee...set clear expectations of the level of service you expect for every member.Whether you as the gym or studio owner want to take a hands-on approach, or if you have a trusted manager who can lead the way, repetition is key to learning. Have your team practice over and over until each process is second nature. This also gives employees confidence in what they are doing and saying. Therefore, if something comes up out of the ordinary, they can then think of their feet to address any issues.Customer service is an area that can always use detailed training. One of the best approaches is to observe your employees and point out great customer service moments. You can also make a list of buzzwords and phrases that create positive energy and the impression you want. “My pleasure,” “I’d be happy to help,” and “Have a great day,” are a few examples.As long as you consider your customers and team members, you are prepared for a successful year. If you are considering a new gym management software, check out our free live demo of OneFitStop to learn more.

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