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SMS and email marketing: one simple strategy to drastically boost your engagement

Corey Loehr
October 4, 2022
SMS marketing for gyms

Gym marketing strategy leverages a wide variety of channels including voicemail, email, physical mailing, and text messages. Of these, email and SMS marketing for gyms are the most popular and widely used.

What you might not know is that SMS campaigns can boost engagement up to 8x more than emails alone.

SMS marketing has the capacity to target clients and prospects based on their areas of interest and to personalize communications, which is a massive advantage. That being said, both SMS and email marketing are important as they enable the measurement of results through metrics like click rate, open rate, conversion rate, and more.

Let’s look at how your fitness business can use these tools in combination to get the best client engagement possible!

Why Email marketing is important

Electronic messages are omnipresent in all areas, and the fitness industry is no exception. Because of this, email marketing for fitness businesses is crucial in the digital age.

Email has been an integral part of companies' communication tools and commercial strategies for many years now. It is frequently hailed as one of the most effective ways to communicate with your consumers at a minimal cost, maximize your return on investment, and increase online sales.

Most people have to check their email at least once a day for personal or professional reasons, so, if your email marketing plan is engaging and interesting enough, it is very likely to capture some attention.

Beyond that, setting up an automated email system is relatively cheap and easy when compared to other marketing strategies, meaning that you can invest minimally and still see massive results.

How SMS marketing can blast your marketing strategy even higher

SMS marketing is less intrusive and easier to perform, which is why it creates better consumer engagement stats than email. This is why SMS marketing is such a powerful tool for businesses, particularly fitness studios.

Email marketing is effective, but, as mentioned, an extremely common strategy, which means that your clients are likely to have many marketing emails in their inbox every day already. Because of this, they may be less inclined to open them, or feel that they aren’t as personalized as they could be. That’s where SMS marketing comes in.

SMS marketing appears on customers’ phones as a push notification, meaning they don’t have to go all the way to their email to view it. This is partly why it creates better consumer engagement stats than email. 

Consumers spend an average of five hours per day on their cellphones, according to a report conducted in 2021 by the mobile-analytics business App Annie. SMS marketing campaigns have a relatively high open rate due to their widespread use.

SMS marketing has various advantages for fitness businesses. It’s incredibly adaptable to any client or company structure; any company, from small and medium-sized businesses to huge corporations, can use SMS marketing for gyms to reach a vast number of customers on a global and regional scale.

SMS marketing for gyms can also be created for a variety of promotions, such as contest notices, new product marketing, basket relaunch, and so on. The company's owner or marketing lead can easily ensure that the communication reaches its prospect or consumer.

The SMS approach also has the advantage of being easily integrated with other communication channels such as push notifications or email. Using several strategic levers is an efficient strategy to reach your business goal, such as increasing the number of leads converted into community members.

Marketing automation: an adapted communication

Whether you use only one or two channels or opt to try all of them, an effective communication plan is absolutely essential, which is why automated customer engagement management solutions offer this feature.

Marketing automation enables businesses to establish practices that send an email or message to customers who would benefit most from retargeting. For example, you might choose to send reminder messages to customers who have not purchased in a certain number of days.

The transition from one channel to the next can be automated to be seamless and consistent, with real-time traceability and interoperability. In this sense, marketing automation enables both the acquisition and retention of customers.

Artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms enable optimized sending times and personalized channel utilization, as well as personalized information transmitted based on consumer profile and demand.

Because of these advantages, marketing automation systems are relatively modular technologies that enable the simultaneous implementation of various and targeted tools across all accessible channels.

Build a killer marketing campaign with Hapana

A successful marketing strategy will assist you in multiple ways, including: 

  • building trust
  • strengthening branding
  • engaging with customers
  • building your community
  • reaching new audiences
  • increasing your sales and retention rates 

To accomplish this, you must implement a well-thought-out campaign that includes both email and SMS marketing for gyms.

Whether it's a welcome message, customer follow-up, newsletter, reminder, birthday celebration, or special promotion, Hapana can offer excellent possibilities for the fitness sector.

Setting up SMS marketing and email campaigns is quick and easy with Hapana. You can segment your consumer base using pre-obtained data, making it easier to give personalized and relevant communications and convert as many prospects as possible into customers.

Marketing automation also enables you to track the effectiveness of your SMS and email marketing efforts, as well as conduct various tests using A/B testing.

You can examine the effectiveness of your campaigns and the behaviors of your customers by using key performance indicators such as the open rate, click rate, or bounce rate, and then adapt and enhance future marketing tactics.

Consider adding Hapana to your marketing strategy, and boost your customer engagement through the roof.