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Yoga Studio Marketing: How to Reach New Kinds of Members

Corey Loehr
February 4, 2020
Expand your your yoga market 2

Everyone can benefit from yoga classes. But is your yoga studio marketing reaching everyone? Yoga comes with incredible benefits, and everyone deserves an opportunity to experience them. Learn how to break away from the traditional target market and recruit people you wouldn’t typically expect to see in a yoga class.

Yoga Studio Marketing: Offer senior yoga classes.

As we age, flexibility and the ability to maintain balance can become more challenging. Seniors can benefit greatly from improved flexibility, which directly helps with conditions like arthritis. Improved balance can also benefit the elderly to prevent falls, a common concern in the golden years. For these reasons, yoga classes for seniors have gained in popularity. Adaptive yoga, such as sitting in a chair, can expand who is able to participate in your class even further. If you can cultivate an environment where retirees can improve their health and socialize with like-minded friends, you will create a loyal group. Senior classes can also be held at off-peak times to make the most of your facility.

Set up a special yoga for kids class.

Parents are used to forking out funds for many extracurricular activities, so a special paid yoga class for kids may fit into that type of preplanned budget. If you can time it so parents can run some errands or take an hour break during the class, you’re offsetting their childcare costs too. With the right staff, you could even host a Parents’-Night-Out where you offer a class, a craft, and a meal for a flat fee per child. This is a great way to win over entire families that may not have previously visited your facility. Contact some local mom groups (such as groups on Facebook) to advertise your event. Most groups will be happy to share the information at no cost, since it’s an added benefit for group members.

Offer daytime mommy and me classes.

Another type of class to expand your yoga studio marketing and fill some slower times in the studio is a Mommy and Me class. Stay-at-home-moms are often looking for activities to get their little ones out of the house. You can invite moms of infants to bring their strollers, and toddlers can participate in certain activities (or at least play on their own mat to feel like they are). A social benefit exists to attendees of these classes, as you are giving moms a chance to connect with each other. The little ones have the chance to make other little friends too!

Expand your class locations by offering in-home yoga or parties.

By offering in-home yoga or Pilates parties, you can expand your market to people who wouldn’t normally be open to going into a studio to try something new. This also presents an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream. Some of your current members may enjoy the opportunity to invite their friends and family over for a custom yoga or Pilates party. For example, a fun theme could be a "Pilates and Prosecco" class. To pull these off, talk to your instructors to determine the best fit to help host these parties. Be sure to review conduct expectations for the off-site event. Some branded giveaway items will be helpful to get into the hands of attendees as well.

Offer private one-on-one yoga sessions.

Private yoga and Pilates sessions give your clients a chance to experience a completely customized and personalized level of training. They can reach specific goals quicker and refine their practices. Private sessions also provide a new and separate revenue stream to your fitness business. Furthermore, you can schedule these sessions during non-peak hours as to not interfere with popular class times. How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.

Start an ambassador program.

An ambassador program allows you to increase exposure to different audiences, and it works on a variety of marketing budgets. In some cases, you can bring on ambassadors for commission only, so you only pay when you get paid. Likewise, you can have ambassadors who promote your brand on social media and receive a commission for any sales. Another approach is to make your top customers ambassadors. Offer a referral program where members can receive discounts for referring friends and family. In summary, using some creative techniques to expand your reach allows you to bring the benefits of yoga and/or Pilates to a broader crowd, while simultaneously increasing your revenue. How can OneFitStop help your boutique fitness studio? Request a Demo to learn more.