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Top-rated Pilates studio software: a comparative analysis

Corey Loehr
June 14, 2023
Top rated pilates studio software a comparative analysis

As a Pilates studio owner, your primary focus is teaching and inspiring your clients. However, running a studio isn't just about Pilates; it also involves scheduling, billing, marketing, and countless other administrative tasks. That's where Pilates studio software steps in, but how do you choose the best? This comprehensive analysis dives deep into the top-rated Pilates studio software, guiding you towards an informed decision.



Hapana, though a newcomer in the Pilates studio software sphere, has quickly made a mark. Its standout feature is its user-friendly interface. It simplifies the process of class scheduling, member management, and online booking, reducing administrative workload.

Hapana's client communication tools are another feather in its cap. These tools allow you to connect with your clients seamlessly, whether for appointment reminders, marketing emails, or feedback requests.

Another standout feature is Hapana's custom report capabilities. It provides valuable insights into your studio's performance, helping you make data-driven decisions.


One downside is its limited third-party integrations. While Hapana integrates with some popular tools, its range is less extensive than its competitors. This limitation can be a drawback for studios relying on certain tools for their operations.

Finally, while generally responsive, Hapana's customer support can be slow during peak times. This delay can be a frustration for studios requiring immediate assistance.



Mindbody, the Goliath in the realm of Pilates studio software, brings a wide array of features under one roof. Its robust scheduling capabilities offer complete control over your class timetable, instructor assignments, and resource management.

Online booking is another ace up Mindbody's sleeve. It allows clients to book classes conveniently, significantly reducing your administrative load. Moreover, its integrated payment processing simplifies billing and offers a smooth checkout experience for your clients.

But where Mindbody truly shines is its suite of mobile apps. These apps, both for the studio and clients, provide a seamless user experience, enhancing client engagement and loyalty.


Despite the plethora of features, Mindbody has its shortcomings. Its price tag can be hard to swallow, especially for smaller studios or those just starting. Additionally, its interface, laden with features, can overwhelm some users, presenting a steep learning curve.



ClubReady is another stalwart in the fitness industry. Its comprehensive suite of tools includes online booking, integrated payment processing, and automated marketing tools.

However, it's in member management where ClubReady truly earns its stripes. It offers detailed member profiles, recording crucial information from contact details to payment history and class attendance. It also provides robust reporting capabilities, offering insights into your studio's performance.

ClubReady also stands out with unique features like lead management, which is crucial for expanding your client base, and a point of sale (POS) system, streamlining retail sales in your studio.


On the downside, ClubReady's interface could be more intuitive than other options. Its maze-like design can be confusing for users, reducing efficiency. Moreover, it lacks a built-in virtual class feature, a significant drawback in the increasingly digital fitness world.



WellnessLiving is a star rising in the Pilates studio software sky. It's user-friendly interface and competitive pricing make it a favourite among smaller studios. It covers all the essentials like class scheduling, online booking, payment processing, and automated marketing tools.

What sets WellnessLiving apart is its built-in rewards system. This feature, a secret weapon for client retention, allows you to reward clients for bookings, referrals, and class participation, enhancing their engagement and loyalty.


However, WellnessLiving isn't perfect. Though sufficient for most studios, its customisation options are limited compared to its competitors. Additionally, its reporting capabilities, while satisfactory, need more depth and flexibility offered by other software.

Zen Planner


Zen Planner is a powerhouse in the fitness industry. It offers comprehensive features like class scheduling, online booking, member management, and automated marketing tools. But it's in payment processing and financial reporting where Zen Planner takes the crown.

Its integrated payment processing offers various options, from credit cards to direct bank transfers. Its financial reporting is equally impressive, providing a detailed breakdown of your revenue, expenses, and overall financial performance.

Zen Planner also offers a member app for easy class booking and payment. This feature and its other offerings enhance client engagement and loyalty.


Despite its strengths, Zen Planner has room for improvement. Its class scheduling feature, though satisfactory, needs more flexibility offered by other software, which can be a limitation for studios with complex schedules. Additionally, it lacks a built-in feature for virtual classes, a necessary tool in the post-pandemic world.



Glofox, while a newcomer in the industry, has quickly gained recognition for its unique offerings. Its core features include class scheduling, online booking, payment processing, and member management.

But where Glofox truly shines is its mobile capabilities. It offers a branded member app, elevating your studio's professional image. This app simplifies bookings, payments, and client communication, putting your studio at your clients' fingertips.


However, Glofox has its limitations. Its reporting feature, while satisfactory, needs more comprehensiveness than its competitors. Additionally, its customer service, crucial for resolving technical issues, leaves room for improvement.


Choosing the best Pilates studio software depends on your studio's specific needs and budget. Each software has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Mindbody, for instance, offers a wide array of features but comes with a high price tag. ClubReady excels in member management but needs a user-friendly interface. WellnessLiving is affordable and intuitive but needs more customization. Zen Planner shines in its financial tools but needs more scheduling flexibility. Glofox is a solid choice for studios prioritizing client engagement due to its strong mobile capabilities. Lastly, Hapana, while user-friendly and excellent for client communication, custom reports and digital marketing, needs more customer service attention during peak hours.

The decision ultimately boils down to what features you value most for your studio. With this comprehensive analysis, you're on your way to finding the perfect fit for your Pilates studio.