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Top fitness challenges suitable for men about to get married

Corey Loehr
February 13, 2023
top fitness challnges suitable for men about to get married 1|groom fitness plan

We are all familiar with brides trying to look their best for their wedding day, going through intense workouts to be in top shape. Still, the bride is not the only one getting married; the groom is too. And just like the bride is jumping through hoops to look fabulous, so do men need a comprehensive groom fitness plan.

To make your wedding day memorable, you must take care of your body. Tone yourself, prep your skin, and get ready to look fabulous next to your bride. As a gym owner or manager, you understand this need entirely. Here are some challenges they will appreciate to attract grooms-to-be or improve their engagement.

30-day total body wedding workout challenge

Most grooms want to look their best in their wedding suits, which is why a groom fitness plan is so important. Or perhaps they are fine with how they look, but their case no longer fits them properly. Rather than spending lots of money on a new wedding tux, shedding that extra weight through a groom fitness plan is the more satisfying alternative.

During the wedding workout challenge, the groom should commit to completing a series of exercises throughout the month. Each day has a different target for toning. For example, on the first day, you can tackle the arms and chest, the second is for the legs, the third is for the abs, and so on.

After completing a full circle where each body part is addressed, you start a new round. You can include a variety of exercises, such as cardio at the beginning and then strength training. You should also give them a “rest day” throughout the week so that their muscles have a chance to recover. You can squeeze in some stretching or flexibility training on that day.

The wedding wellness 30-day challenge

Weddings can be tiring, especially when it’s your own. The last thing a man wants in his marriage is to feel tired or blue when things are getting good. This is why a wellness challenge is a great idea, as it improves your overall physical and mental health. While this challenge does not involve any strenuous exercises, the activities aim to make you feel better from the inside. Take control of your health and prepare for your big day with a "groom fitness plan" that improves your overall physical and mental well-being, without any strenuous exercises.

On this challenge, you may add various activities. A good idea would be to split them into sections throughout the day. This may include meditation, yoga in the morning, and healthy eating throughout the day. Drinking the appropriate amount of water may also be a challenge to add to the daily calendar.

Grooms can get very busy before their wedding, so make this available through a gym app. You may have them come to the gym for yoga and meditation and then invite them to join classes on healthy eating. This will increase retention, as they will appreciate that you tried making things easier for them.

The 30-day groom boot camp challenge

For men wanting to lose weight, a challenge involving high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be more efficient. The sessions can last 10-30 minutes, depending on the customers’ fitness level. You may arrange for classes that tackle different stories.

The purpose of the groom boot camp challenge is to increase the heart rate enough that it starts burning more calories. You can select a series of HIIT exercises, such as push-ups, jumping jacks, and burpees, and have them performed for a specified time. A short break will follow, after which you move on to the next exercise.

For example, you can start with one minute of squats, followed by a 15-second break, then one minute of jumping jacks, followed by another pause, and so on. You can increase the intensity weekly until the groom becomes stronger and more toned.

The 30-day groom fitness plan

We see ladies going crazy with their skincare, but men also need some pampering. Imagine standing next to your bride on your wedding day, and while she looks glowing, you look like a dry potato. No man wants to look bad on their wedding day, but sadly, not all of them know how to groom themselves adequately.

This is why you should arrange a groom fitness plan where men can reach various goals. For example, each day should have the plan to moisturize the skin. Then, every few days, they should strive to apply facial masks. You can arrange for them to watch webinars or make a calendar available for them.

Aside from the regular skincare routines, the calendar should also have days for specific goals. For example, one day should focus on beard grooming and making it look fabulous. Another day should feature advice for daily eating and stress management. For the challenge to be efficient, encourage them to check boxes in the agenda with the grooming goals they met each day.

The bottom line

Weddings are significant to every man, and you have the resources to achieve your dream. Consider implementing these challenges in your gym routine and watch them reach their goal.

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