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Top 5 benefits of garlic

BRI Nutrition
June 1, 2015
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Have you ever gone on a diet before?Many people have gone on one, with some resorting to extremes just to achieve a desired body weight and structure. There have even been cases where individuals have willingly ingested tapeworms to lose weight fast! Hopefully, you have not gone so far as swallow a parasite for weight loss. If you are, however, thinking of taking extreme measures to your diet, do reconsider! There are safe and more effective methods to weight management than those unhealthy diet procedures. Sometimes, all you need to do to get your weight under control is simply to get to know the contents of your pantry better.The garlic that you use in your kitchen is a great example of a common food that you can incorporate into your diet plan. How so? Consider the nutritional facts of garlic.An ounce of garlic contains 9 grams of good carbohydrates, 1.8 grams of protein, and most of the essential nutrients that our bodies need. It contains 23% of the recommended dietary amount (RDA) of manganese, 17% of Vitamin B6's RDA, 15% of Vitamin C's RDA, and 6% of Selenium's RDA. What about the calorie amount in every ounce of garlic? Each ounce of garlic contains only 42 calories and considering all the nutrients an ounce contains, it is indeed worth every calorie!But wait, garlic has more benefits in store for you! Below are five more benefits of garlic that are worth knowing.1. Garlic can boost the immune systemGarlic contains a certain substance that forms into the compound allicin upon the crushing, chopping, or chewing of a clove. Allicin, which gives the garlic its strong smell, exerts its medical potency on the body upon digestion. Numerous studies on the effect of garlic on common illnesses such as colds show that garlic consumption does not only prevent common colds but also decreases the severity of one's illness.2. Garlic can regulate blood pressureAllicin is also effective in significantly lowering blood pressure among those who have a high blood pressure. For you to experience such a desired effect, however, you would need to take about four cloves' worth of allicin every day. If you cannot eat garlic, you may choose to take a high dosage of garlic supplements instead.3. Garlic promotes a healthy heartStudies suggest that garlic does not only work to regulate blood pressure but also to promote excellent cardiovascular health. In fact, garlic appears to lower the levels of bad cholesterol by as much as 15%.4. Garlic protects the cells from free radicalsGarlic also contains a high level of antioxidants that help the body fight against the damage that free radicals bring to the cells. Its antioxidant content as well as its ability to promote cardiovascular health can do much to contribute to good brain health as well. At present, scientists are looking into how garlic may help address brain problems such as dementia.5. Garlic can provide your body energyAncient cultures used garlic not only for food but also to minimize physical fatigue. In fact, Olympic athletes in ancient Greece used garlic as an energy booster. Other laboratory studies on animals strongly suggest that garlic can contribute to the physical performance of an individual.The five benefits that the preceding paragraphs have mentioned are not the only benefits that you can get from garlic. You can experience more health advantages if you try taking garlic or garlic supplements yourself. However, before deciding on any form of supplementation, make sure to speak with your doctor first.This article was shared on OneFitstop with the written permission of the author and is of original content.

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